PumaPay’s Recurring Cryptobilling Solution Now Available in NATS

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Limassol, Cyprus, September 2019: PumaPay, the first Company to offer a blockchain-based recurring payment system, is happy to announce the integration of their billing solution with the NATS platform.

The PumaPay PullPayment Protocol is based upon a unique, smart contract architecture.

This means that Customers can authorize Merchants to withdraw or ‘pull’ funds from their account, based on pre-approved terms. This pull mechanism is the defining feature of the PullPayment Protocol.

Our solution allows Merchants to set up their typical billing models in the Business Console, and in doing so allows Customers to pay in PMA via the PumaPay wallet, utilizing the crypto currency of their choice, for everyday items in ways they are already familiar with. It’s a simple, seamless process for both Merchant and Customer.

“To be integrated with NATS is another momentous achievement over and above our Roadmap promises. Our aim is to set the standard in the global arena of adult entertainment. With major Clients, including Pornhub, Gamma Entertainment, LiveJasmine, ImLive.com, Mr. Skin, and Nubiles.Net, — along with a whole host of leading Adult Entertainment partners, our NATS integration with Too Much Media is a key part of our long-term strategy. In an industry accustomed to high fees and chargebacks, delivering a cost-effective payment alternative, which at the same time retains familiar billing methods including recurring payments and trial periods, is an industry, game-changer. Our payment solution adds very real, tangible value to the Adult Entertainment industry and beyond.”

PumaPay CEO, Yoav Dror.

“The PumaPay NATS integration is a significant milestone for the NATS platform. This is the first time we have integrated a recurring crypto billing solution into the NATS platform. We reaffirm our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry’s needs. The PullPayment Protocol offers an exciting opportunity for businesses to expand their global reach.”

Too Much Media Sales & Marketing Director, John M.

About PumaPay

PumaPay is an advanced, crypto payment system combining the best of traditional payment methods and blockchain-based solutions. Register in the Business Console now: //console.pumapay.io/register
You can also visit //pumapay.io or contact [email protected] for more information.

About Too Much Media

Too Much Media is a New Jersey-based software company that develops and supports a suite of web-based products for digital businesses, including “the industry-leading NATS subscription management and affiliate platform.” For more information about Too Much Media’s lineup of software products, visit TooMuchMedia.com or email John M. at [email protected]


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