Shivom Presale ends with a success. $33 million raised

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The Shivom presale has now ended and the main crowdsale will begin on May 3rd. We have had a very successful campaign in our private and presales thus far, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our community. We’re excited to be working towards reaching our goals for global healthcare together!
Pre sale ends.png


Shivom are changing the dynamics of the global healthcare market. We are utilizing the most advanced technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to bring medical genomics into a new era.

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It is essential for all of us to achieve our goals of global health care

Very essential

In addition to the $32 million dollars raised, Shivom has recently added former Estonian Prime Minister, current member of the 12th term of Estonian Parliament, Taavi Roivas, to its advisory board.

Thats great

Was very happy with this

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