Introducing Shivom’s Exclusive Referral Reward Program!

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Dear Steemit Community,

If you’ve already registered to contribute to the Shivom presale, we have more exciting news to share with you!

We are offering an exclusive Shivom referral program to all of our registered members. The program can be activated by simply registering on the Tokensale dashboard -

How the referral program works

Following your registration/ account creation on the Shivom platform, you will receive a referral link which will be unique for every user. You can send this link to your friends and family and receive 5% bonus every time those your referred purchase OmiX tokens from their account.

The referrals program is not limited to a one-time reward. This is a 3-tier referral code that plays on network effects, which means a you will get 5% bonus for every new user and they also receive a bonus amounting to 5%, and be able to share a unique referral link with their friends, which in turn gives them 5% bonus, and gives you 4%. Subsequent sharing of the referral link again by those friends will allow you to still enjoy a 3% bonus on their purchased tokens.

Overall, for three subsequent sharings of referral links in your network will allow you to receive a bonus of 5%, 4%, and 3% from your connections.

We are extremely happy that you have made the choice to join Shivom and are thrilled to be able to reward our supporters! .

For any queries regarding Shivom’s referral program, please contact us at: [email protected]

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FYI there is a .02 earnings threshold so your self upvote doesn't count.

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FYI there is an earnings threshold of .02 sbd so those two upvotes are currently worthless.

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Thanks for your interest. To participate in Project Shivom's token sale, please register at

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I upvoted your last blog post. You have to have .02 or more to get paid on a post so it would be a wasted upvote for me to upvote your comment.

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Sounds like a pyramid scheme. Eitherway it doesn't pass my criteria of a Quality ICO because of the overly generous bonus scheme

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Shivom is headed by a team of geneticists, scientists, digital currency experts, and proficient business developers.

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Now a days there are bunch of icon and sale of tokens are too less therefore many icon started creating ponzi system to increase sale and @projectshivom is doing seem. 99% icos escape after raising funds.

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Hey @projectshivom, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

A unique and empowering Project, Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary changemakers in biotechnology, healthcare industry, and government-ordained research institutes and contribute to an unprecedented era of medical marvels.

#OMX #ProjectShivom #Blockchain #healthcare #genomics #cryptocurrency

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