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► Project objective

The project, a concept that intends to convey to the world of employment increased transparent and greater seen the rhythm, as it is referred to as Canlead. If we count on about Canlead from a greater exceptional clever component of view, this task is a coherent ecosystem, developed on a decentralized basis, where every operation, action and 2nd is recorded in an staggering block of chains, the Ledger. The necessary factors of which are aimed at extra sizable direct contact of professionals with their doable employers, barring intermediaries and exquisite 1/3 parties. This, in turn, eliminates any biased relationship between the candidate and the viable employer and moreover approves you to decrease the time of interviews tenfold.


After all of us have at least as soon as confronted these pastimes interview strategies when we had to wait too lengthy whilst being considered with the resource of an organization. Canlead lets in You to the wholesome questionnaire as part of its ecosystem, reinforcing at the equal time, its unique intellectual contract. Which, in turn, opens up splendid possibilities for you to speak with a variety of entrepreneurs, human beings in industrial enterprise company and one-of-a-kind customers of the network. Moreover, you have a special hazard to invite your friends here and at the rate of the referral program, to get keep of rewards for their worthwhile implementation in Canlead.


► Principle and advantages

One and possibly the predominant acquire of the shape Canlead, is the fact that at this point in the world then again does now no longer exist such analogues or different comparable structures that enable disclosing such opportunities to its audience. The 2nd widespread reap can be regarded a decentralized structure of all internal operations, with which customers can shop massive sums for all sorts of transactions, as nicely as to take away some geographical barrier. The 1/3 advantage Canlead you can think about it the foundation by means of which the individuals Canlead system will be succesful of sharing useful competencies however also quickly and barring detention to their deserving rewards, like for a job nicely executed and the fashionable hints are accessible in Canlead. two



► Token

As in any traditional decentralized system, Canlead additionally has its unit of size of all interior processes, the expression of which is based on the internal token of the machine CAND. As for its instant technical characteristics, this token was developed, taking into account all the popular symptoms at the moment. That, in turn, played on the similarly choice of blockchain, with which the implementation of this coin will be launched. As you can also have guessed, token CAND will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and healthy ERC-20 standard.

In addition to all this, it is integral to be aware the reality that these tokens will be accessible no longer solely for sale but also as a variety of rewards and bonuses available to anybody inside Canlead. More particular details, you can examine in the technical documentation of the project.

PreICO Price1 CAND : 0.03 USD
Price1 CAND : 0.04 USD

Soft cap : 2,.500,000 USD
Hard cap : 20.000,000 USD



► Final words

Summing up, I choose to say solely one factor that you must no longer usually be afraid of abrupt and drastic changes, as properly as these conditions when you suppose that there will in no way be a way out of it. Life is a superb element and each time we shut a door, appear around, due to the fact perhaps very close to you opened a new, greater profitable door with its limitless possibilities. As for me, this undertaking represents to us just that door, with limitless opportunities.



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The vision is a log term one and you can see on pitch deck and whitepaper they have already listed several heavy weight partners, which brings a lot of credibility.

I’m proud to be in this company, hopefully this project successful, more advance, more rapidly and growing for the company progress.

Very interesting review! Definitely need to invest in their project!

Great idea for the team! It remains to wish you success in the implementation of your plan ...