Top-6 blockchain events in May and June 2018

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2018 is year for #blockchain has become the stage when many promises and assumptions begin to become reality. The coming year is full with various blockchain projects that will separate from the main blockchain network for development in independent direction.
It is almost impossible to predict how such events will affect the price of the tokens of these same projects.

The most promising releases in May and June 2018.

#OysterPearls (May 29)

The mixed blockchain network Oyster Pearl, based on IOTA's Tangle technology and architecture of smart contracts from Ethereum, will launch its Mainnet network May 29, 2018.
Oyster Pearl's special feature is special smart contracts, a distributed reputation system, decentralized storage, and a new way of income on the Internet.

#TRON (May 31)

Recently, TRON is widely heard, and the long-awaited launch of its Mainnet-network will demonstrate whether it will be able to meet those high expectations.
To increase hype TRON distributed nearly 30 million TRX on April 21 via airdrop.
Justin Sun expresses confidence, assuring the success of the platform and also the soonest superiority over its main competitor Ethereum.

#NULS (May)

NULS still remains a "dark horse" in the cryptocurrency market.
However, everything can change dramatically with the launch of its Mainnet network.
The NULS team was going to provide the crypto community with a custom modular blockchain-ecosystem that would allow using smart contracts, cross-network mechanisms and cross-platform consensus.
This means that NULS can become a platform that will allow transactions between dApp and various blockchain network networks.

#EOS (June 2)

Another very upcoming blockchain project is EOS.
Expectations directly affect the price indicators, the market valuation of EOS reached a record $15 billion.
Against the backdrop of recent EOS listings on various crypto exchanges, a partnership with several venture funds, as well as information on launching 18 dApps, the price of EOS once again showed special activity in growth.

#Ontology (June)

Even at the time of Airdrop, the price of the ontology blockchain-platform token has shown flawless performance. Although the exact date for launching the Mainnet network is still unknown, the roadmap shows that Ontology will launch its Mainnet network in the second quarter of 2018, in which June is the last month.

#VeChain (June 30)

The launch THOR Mainnet network of the VeChain blockchain project, may be the most important event on the list. This is due primarily to the huge number of blockchain applications that will be available after the launch of the network!

While the #MyWish platform combines creation of smart contracts for 3 popular blockchain: #Ethereum, #Bitcoin and #NEO.

Soon we can use everything on one multiplatform.
Try it now!

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