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Hi everyone!

I'm new to cryptocurrency and today I stumbled upon a Canadian coin, the Impak coin (MPK). This coin is fairly new and according to the white paper, the economy they want to create is here to fight against poverty and environmental destruction!

Here is the 2 minutes presentation video

This is the website where you can support this good initiative!

Because it is new, here is the timeline about this project!

You can also read the whole white paper here to learn more about it! It's 90 pages long and you can find all the information you need!

I think this is as great opportunity to make the world a better place by supporting the people and the things we care about! As for me I invested in it!

I would like to know what do you guys think of this? Keep me informed!


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Pretty neat man :) I thought of making a coin like "HELP" which would stand for Helping Eliminate Lifelong Poverty. It would be used to support homeless people getting off of the street.

The benefit to this coin would be that the currency could be used at the shelters rather than giving them cash. They could use the money to buy food or supplies they need. It would be given out for free to anyone who is homeless or needy.

People could also earn more HELP tokens by doing work at the facility or by getting a job through the company. This would help people who are financially irresponsible or people that have drug and gambling problems. They couldn't just spend the cash.

That's a very nice idea! I hope you can start it! I think the success of this is to get people involved and share those ideas! You should make a post about the project and get people involved!

I fully agree. I just don't want to get in over my head. I really have no idea even where to start... I might draft up a white paper :)

It's nice to see people that still think like that.

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