How to participate in the Phantasma token sale

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WARNING: This is the only official way to participate in the sale!

First of all we would like to thank our community for the tremendous support we have received! Since our tokensale will start soon, we are providing this guide on how to participate in our token sale. We would like to mention that our official website is Please ignore any other sources, such as fake emails or websites with similar names. We’re not accepting Ethereum in the public sale. Do not send NEO to any addresses in a Telegram message or other sources, otherwise you might lose your funds.

To participate in the Phantasma token sale you will need the SOUL script hash. The only way to participate in our tokensale is by adding the SOUL token script hash to a compatible wallet. This guide is written especially for NEON wallet, which supports script hash based-sales.

Please make sure to delete the previous script hash starting and ending with: 4b4f…...b7a4, this will make sure that only the new SOUL tokens will be displayed in your Neon wallet.


Download and install the latest version of NEON wallet (version 0.2.5).
This is the only link containing the official releases of the NEON wallet by City of Zion:
Do not trust any other download link!


NEON wallet official download page


Select one of the login options. Which one you have to select depends on if you were already a NEON wallet user or are using a private key obtained from another interface (eg:, NEX extension, neo-gui, etc.)


NEON wallet version 0.2.5 login screen


After login, you should see this screen. Select the “Participate in a token sale” option.



Select “Add a new token to purchase”.



Click on “Add a new token”. Whenever you click on this, you will have to scroll down that list of hashes until you see the new entry.
Add this script hash to the new entry you created:


This is the SOUL script hash which you will have to save.



The steps from here onwards can only be done starting from of May 27th 00h00 UTC timezone. Click on the “Participate in a token sale” button and select SOUL from the dropdown menu.
Make sure NEO is selected on the right side and enter the amount of NEO you want to contribute. Note that the minimum contribution is 1 NEO and the maximum contribution is 10 NEO for the first 24 hours. After this, the maximum cap will be increased to 50 NEO on a first come first serve base. If your contribution exceeds the maximum cap for each round, it will be refunded to you after the token sale has concluded.



After this, read all the checkboxes in the red area and make sure you agree and press continue. The SOUL tokens will appear in the NEON wallet under “Token balance” within 1-2 blocks after your contribution.


Our team recommends using NEON wallet. Since NEON wallet is only available for 64 bit, we have provided an alternative in the Morpheus wallet which supports 32 bit.

Find the latest official release here:

You can find an option to participate in sales by choosing dApp Browser and then selecting Advanced Token Sale.


Note that Morpheus wallet is still a beta release, use at your own risk.

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