What is a Peerplays Witness?

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This article originally appeared in our February Newsletter.

In January’s “News From the Bunker” newsletter, we mentioned Peerplays Witnesses were voted back from 45+ to just over 20. What we failed to mention is exactly what it is a Witness does. As a current or future PPY token holder, it’s in your best interest to have this answer because it is Witnesses who run the Peerplays blockchain. There isn’t enough room in a newsletter to fully explain the role of a Witness, so we’ll start with the fundamentals.

The primary duty of a Peerplays Witness is to bundle transactions into blocks and sign them with their signing key. They keep the blockchain alive by producing one block every three seconds.

Witnesses also have the authority to integrate - or reject - any changes to the blockchain software that are published. It is a lot of responsibility, and their actions have an overarching effect on all PPY token holders. That is why Witnesses are voted in - and voted out - by token holders, whose voting power directly correlates to the number of tokens in their Peerplays wallet.

It’s your responsibility as a token holder to learn about Witnesses and vote accordingly.

And…. what better way to learn more about the Witness role than to chat with a real one? Feel free to check out the dedicated Peerplays Witness Channel on Telegram and engage directly with the stars of the show: https://t.me/PeerplaysWitness

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thanks for the info. We'd love a timely article on each witness in the future, if that's possible-- either autobiographical or biographical. We don't even need names, just facts related to how they view the platform and opinions on what's important to PeerPlays going forward. No personal stuff required, unless of course they/you WANTS to volunteer it.

We're still not sure your platform is up and running in ANY capacity, so our advice is at the end of EVERYTHING you guys produce, content-wise, you finish-off with a state of the platform. Even two sentences about upcoming release or current version of the betting/matching service would be highly advisable to your followers/readers, like us. We have short memories, especially for products which aren't up and running already.


Hi harpooninvestor, thanks fo the message! We can do one better than a Witness biography - we can put you in direct contact with them. Head over to the Peerplays Witness channel on Telegram, where you can talk to them in real time.

The Peerplays blockchain has been up and running for some time now. Bookie Beta Phase 1 recently finished and the DApp will launch this Spring. Currently, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors over at www.helmbet.com, and there are more DApps in development by third party companies that will launch in 2018, too. We recommend visiting the Peerplays Telegram channel for more info. They're great at providing insight and answering big questions.


Thanks, that's EXACTLY the type of blurb/update for which we're looking. Recommend cutting-pasting the latest paragraph at the end of everything you write on here. If for no other reason than most people here would be lucky to catch 20% of what's on their feed on any given week, so we're going to miss a few, and then wish we were updated again on progress.

Assure you we will be happy to be among your first beta-testers for punting.

We'll check out the telegram channel, but still don't understand that platform, hate signing up for yet another one (with whatever info they want in exchange for using it), and when we tried it last time ran into some kind of roadblock (mental or otherwise we can't remember). But we'll venture over to it again, and see if we get discouraged again w the signup process. We're even too afraid to sign up for Steemit chat, as we're told it's an independent offering from Steemit.

helmbet.com wouldn't load btw "site can't be reached" chrome browser error.