Pavo AirDrop rewards program — official announcement.

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Have you heard about PAVO? Finally, blockchain is solving problems for the real world — food on your table.
This is the unique opportunity for you — early birds.

To start participation in PAVO AirDrop launch @PavocoinBot

Main rules of PAVO Airdrop Campaign:
– AirDrop campaign budget is limited, the amount of tokens is 200 000 and only for the first stage of the campaign. Hurry up!
– A participant can join AirDrop Campaign only once and with one account.
– Participation from multi accounts is strictly prohibited, and participants with multi accounts will be immediately banned and dismissed from AirDrop Campaign.
– You will be able to change the address of Your ETH wallet for tokens distribution using our bot.
– For every invited friend using the unique link, you will get extra tokens.
– To get a share of PAVO tokens, You need to fulfill all required terms of participation.
– To get PAVO tokens for AirDrop Campaign: You can not unfollow, unsubscribe, unfriend in PAVO Telegram, Facebook, Twitter or delete shared posts until the end of ICO.

  • It is forbidden to write short non-informative texts such as “hello,” “good team,” all such messages and participants who created them — will be excluded
    – PAVO tokens gained during PAVO Airdrop campaign will be distributed after ICO end.
    Terms of participation:
  1. Follow all the instructions provided by @PavocoinBot
  2. For joining PAVO Telegram chat (, you will receive seven tokens.
  3. For your email and it’s validation you will collect 3 tokens. All emails will be validated at the end of the Main Sale.
  4. For every invited friend using a unique link (you will be able to create one using our bot), you will get extra one token.
  5. Become Friend on PAVO Facebook Official page
  6. Become Follower on PAVO Twitter Official page

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and get all the latest news on the project.
Thank you for supporting Pavo!post_AirDrop.jpg


Joined the airdrop, All good luck! Let's make PumaPay successful!

Joined! How will I know that I successfully joined this airdrop?

Thanks, joined!

Очень интересный проект. ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ!

Working on it! Goodluck to everyone! Let us make PumaPay Successful!!

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