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Perhaps in our world, only newborns don't play computer games. All other people are more or less passionate about games. someone does it professionally. someone just kills time in a sapper. someone plays tetris, someone rolls in tanks.


By the most conservative estimate, there are over two billion players in the world. Games are firmly entrenched in the world industry, along with films and other arts. And every year, the number of adherents of computer games is growing. Accordingly, every year, the number of cash flows in the cyber sports industry is increasing. This is an entire independent industry.

  • It was thanks to the analytical research of the market of Cyberindustry in general, the development team of the BlockBurn project decided to develop a unique platform for users and developers. All the most promising technologies and tools of the present time were used in the implementation of the project, namely the decentralized technology of BlockBurn. It allows you to deploy a high-performance network with high bandwidth, and most importantly with a high degree of protection against various threats and cyber attacks.

About the project

BlockBurn is a gaming platform that brings together players and game makers from around the world. Players can not only enjoy spending time playing a game, but can also make money - the platform pays tokens per game to its users. Tokens are paid to players both for the game itself and for help in making games.

Yeah yeah, you didn't mishear. manufacturers will engage players to test the games in the early stages so that the players with an open mind look at the creations of developers and give them feedback where to add and improve or vice versa cut something unnecessary. for this game developers will reward players with tokens of the project. this is how the involvement of users in the process of creating games looks.


  • BlockBurn has already managed to successfully conduct the first round of IEO, where it sold $500,000 worth of BURN coins. The investor bought all tokens very quickly in 5 minutes of the round. The second round will start on March 16th, this time BURN tokens worth $700,000 will be allocated.


Game Mode

There are two game modes on the platform: arena mode and competitive mode. In the first mode, the player trains. He plays in a confined space against artificial intelligence, honing his gaming skills. This mode is most suitable for those who have recently joined the platform and have not yet fully understood the rules and controls. And also for those who want to sharpen their skills before playing with a real opponent.

Competitive mode is called competition mode because in it you compete with other users for the right to take first place in the tournament. Before the start of such a competition so that the interest is genuine players bet in the prize pool of the competition in tokens.

The prize pool is taken by the winner of the tournament. agree, such an element adds spice to the gameplay, when you play not just for fun, but also take the money prize for victory! A part of this prize pool, namely 20%, will be transferred to the BlockBurn lottery pool! The lottery will be drawn between all participants of the BlockBurn platform, so that absolutely every participant of the gaming platform has a chance to win.

  • Let's take a look at how the lottery works. As I said before, the lottery pool is filled from the tournament's prize pool. Every tournament you play is a penny in the lottery's prize pool. Every participant has a chance to win. No matter what position you occupy in the hierarchy of players, but there is one feature that allows you to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Lottery tickets are given by the number of coins you have in your Hold. 1 coin=1 lottery ticket. respectively, the more coins you have, the greater your chances of breaking the jackpot.

Advantages of the project.

Among many other projects BlockBurn stands out very brightly. It is its approach to the organization of the game process and the process of interaction between developers and users. The goal of BlockBurn is minimum red tape, maximum game. To make the gameplay as convenient and interesting as possible for the end user.

So that you don't have to spend a lot of time on registration to exchange your fiat money for inside games and keep track of new products. All these features have been implemented by the BlockBurn platform: you can exchange your fiat money for inside game currency without leaving the cash register.


And also a unique chance for each user to become the owner of an impressive jackpot size! For publishers, this is a unique opportunity to engage users in game development to get their feedback on the game in order to make it as interesting as possible for players, i.e. you and me.

All of the above leaves no chance for the platform to fail! Join the project, and you! You have a unique chance to become the owner of tokens of the BlockBurn project at the price of a tokenale which will take place in the next two days! Good luck to you and have a great game!

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in the reviews to say what he invested?

The project is interesting, the main thing that investors were interested. In our time everything depends on investors

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