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Sports for the majority of us has turned into a lifestyle. We watch sports when we're exhausted when we're upbeat when we're tragic or we simply watch Sports since it engages us. The Sports Industry is big to the point that by 2017 it was anticipated to produce an income of about $500 Billion. Which it's well on it's approach to outperforming.

The Sports Industry incorporates such huge numbers of divisions. Supporters, organizations, members like right telecasters, speculators and even the fans. Everyone is extremely very much put resources into the general development of this Industry since it's useful to us somehow. Television bargains are being sourced for Sports groups with most getting delicious arrangements. This has its upsides and downsides. Indeed, even with the arrangements showing signs of improvement and better, Sports media still has far to run with a few difficulties tormenting it. SportsFix expects to comprehend these issues.

The world has run Digital with gushing administrations presently assuming control over the conventional TV. Stages like Netflix are getting the eyes of watchers with a huge number of supporters getting on board day by day. SportsFix means to bring that adaptability into games utilizing the Blockchain innovation.

SportsFix is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it's a touch of spilling stage for the ASEAN area. It is possessed by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, an auxiliary of Total Sports Asia (TSA), which is Asia's worldwide pioneer in games content

How SportsFix Works.
SportsFix functions in an Over the Top arrangement which conveys gushing administrations as an independent item straightforwardly to watchers over the web. This will extraordinarily lessen overhead charges which are gotten from multichannel TV, communicated Television Platforms and so forth. What this fundamentally implies is that for customary TVs we don't get the chance to pay for just games channel,s, rather we pay for the full bunch. This additional accuses are limited of SportsFix.

For whatever length of time that you have a web association, with the SportsFix OTT Platform, you can stream live recreations of your most loved games and groups whenever and anyplace at a reasonable way. With SportsFix you're guaranteed of one of the most elevated nature of spilling and the largest exhibit of Sports channels. SportsFix is obtaining direct privileges of gushing from rights holders and it's concentration until further notice is Asia Sports; Chinese super group, Thai League, Korean League, Indonesian League, Badminton, Mui Thai and so on.


SportsFix with the Blockchain as it's spine will guarantee the Platform is Decentralized in that anybody from anyplace can approach it. With money not being an issue for installment. Most games spilling sites are confined to clients not in that district. This isn't the situation with SportsFix as a result of the Blockchain innovation.

SportsFix Token (SFT)

This is the local token of the stage and will be utilized for installments inside the stage. it is an utility token.

Add up to Supply - 800,000,000 SFT

Cost - $0.10

Aggregate sum of SFT Sold - 440,000,000

Pre deal limits - 30-half

Soft cap - $2,000,000

Hard cap - 37,200,000


The team is made up of people who understand business, marketing, branding and blockchain technology.



This is a unique project that will make all kinds of sport more accessible to millions of people who love sport in every part of the world. Sport is a very important part of everyone life and I believe that there is nobody that doesn't love one sport or the other. This is why I believe that this project will do very well. This is a project that people from every part of the world should support.

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