Mining the OpenCryptoTrust Token Animated Film - part of a Series of 4 (A STEEMIT EXCLUSIVE)

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A Steemit Exclusive

This animated film (below) is one of a series of 4 animated films commissioned by OpenCryptoTrust that I recently produced and directed with my company ShroomStudio

Mining the OCT Token on Vimeo - (the films will also be uploaded to Dtube in due course)

OpenCryptoTrust is an exciting BlockChain V3.0 project running at 100ktps. It's highly inspired by Steemit's very own backbone; Graphene and it's about to set the TELCO industry on fire with not one but two, highly disruptive and innovate Killer Apps, BD-WAN and BaaT Blockchain Wide Area Networking & BlockChain as a Transport, respectively. Between them, the two killer apps have some unique features, never been seen before and are likely to shake up many areas of Telecomms. However, this is the team's specialist area and these are examples of what OCT BlockChain can achieve and provide solutions and improvements to known problems and obstacles. It's anticipated that many industry verticals; fintech, biotech, logistics and media among them will adopt OCT as their primary route to a future landscape. Many crypto coins have one aspect or function. Platform projects like OCT have a much wider appeal and offer unlimited opportunities for organisations and companies to weave their own dreams upon it's unique technology. These are the organisations of the future. The beginnings of a decentralised economy which will touch every aspect of our lives.

oct future verticals.jpg
still image composite from Mining the OCT Token by Shroomstudio

BlockChain Visualiser

As a BlockChain writer and Creative Director, I bring together a unique skillset to help technical organisations convey complex messages. BlockChain is often explained inadequately, with incorrect metaphors. Each BlockChain project has it's own, often unique and complex mechanics which make the task of explaining more difficult, even for the most experienced marketers.

Animation is a Special Medium

However, animation and motion graphics offer an unrivaled medium to target a technical message, demystify a subject and communicate complex subjects in an entertaining way, while being able to fully implement the organisation's brand values & a customised look and feel. That's why I chose it as my own film making specialism and clients like The UN, BBC, WWF and other large NGO's routinely choose our services over standard video presentation.

shroom screenshot.jpg
shroomstudio website / portfolio

Psychology of Symbols

Information derived from watching motion graphics is proven to be easier to retain. It uses the language of symbols which our minds find easier to work with. Complex ideas can be strung together using animated symbols to clearly and concisely explain a technical subject.

In the attention deficit arena of internet video presentation, you may only have a couple of minutes before the viewer is diverted by a funny cat video, instagram photo or invasive advert, so animation offers the perfect tool for organisations and companies of all sizes to effectively target a message. Animation and motion graphics can be highly targeted for a technically literate audience or be presented more broadly for investors and press / PR purposes.

eon-tidal flowq.jpg visualising tidal flow energy potential for a film Talking Energy about the future of the UK energy industry commissioned by E.on energy company by

Visualising the Impossible

We can visualise concepts which video cannot explain. If you would like to discuss how we can help your technical project, feel free to get in touch. Our international multi-award winning team of designers and animators have many years experience crafting ideas into entertaining and informative, television, film and corporate video. Our production facilities in East London provide a full service from concept & scripting through to post production and sound.


Mining the OCT Token uses a totally new consensus algorithm on a blockchain built from the ground up and highly inspired by Graphene. OCT performs at 100,000 transactioins per second which provides ample scalability for high volume, low latency activities like trading and communications networks.


Proof of Duration

Designed to work in conjunction with Proof of Stake by balancing out the inherent advantage large stakeholders have, Proof of Duration rewards token holders based on the duration of their stakeholding. Mining OCT is a low energy, sustainable activity. The software is light and compact enough to run on a mobile device. It is hoped that using PoD with PoS will help create a democratic and open mining community with many smaller miners taking part.

proof of duration.jpg
still image from Mining the OCT Token by Shroomstudio

to find out more about mining the OCT token visit

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You right psichology of symbols is important


thanks. @doinita animation is the language of our inner consciousness. It's also a synthesis of other art forms and is a very powerful tool. It's no wonder so much propaganda (corporate and political) was /is produced using animation, yet it can be used for unbrainwashing too ! :) or by that I mean a more balanced education.