Don't miss out Opiria/PDATA ICO project

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Let me start by telling you we have just two days remaining before ICO end. There are much exciting news associated with this Opiria/PDATA project which I don't want anyone to miss the chance.


We have seen recently Regulations on Data protection (GDPR) and privacy for individual within the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area addressing personal data collection without the consent of individuals. We have also seen that our data are collected by companies and sell them without compensation which is unfair.
But today, I'm super excited to reveal to you that you can now sell your data to companies and be pay for it. Opiria project was created for you to earn money by selling your data.
Opiria/PDATA token is the first Ethereum Blockchain based marketplace for secure and transparent buying and selling of consumer data and PDATA token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data. Opiria platform have now provided a solution to data collection with now compensation. From now on you can receive payment with PDATA token which you can convert to any other currency of your choice.


You will agreed with me that knowing the team behind any project bring about Trust and lower the risk involve of Scam. Here in Opiria the CEO and the Founder is Dr. _Ing. Christian Lange and the co-founder & CTO is Dipl. _Inf. Marlene Gagesch. You can read more about founder here follow on YouTube

and the co-founder here also follow on YouTube

We have the software Development and advisors team bring about the success of this project.


I have seen that Opiria/PDATA has received the highest ratings and reviews from experts in Crypto space showing the amount of trust they have on the project and the team.
If you have the confident after doing your own review about the project and decided to invest on the project use the site below only and register to invest there now because we are left with just two days remaining before ICO period come to an end.

Whitepapar :
Telegram :

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Thanks for sharing.
This is indeed good news for all!

Yeah bro, very promising project

the business of selling data of users is a booming one but since it involves selling without consent, I see those people as fraud and now it's a good thing this project is out to cure this

Yes... This project here to help many

Thanks about update.

Yes.. This project is really very cool

Let see if it works or not.

Surely work out bro.. Don't miss

Surely work out bro.. Don't miss

nice article thanks for sharing

Very cool project, will help many

Good news for all

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