NUPay Platform: A Decentralized Payment Ecosystem

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Present day innovation is advancing, and highly disruptive. Each time, new solutions are made to make life simpler and higher for a great deal of people.

One of the ongoing revelations of this sort was the blockchain, that grants you to make boundless potential outcomes for its utilization. What's more, there are extra and a great deal of new projects intended to make and process organize payments, bypassing every one of the inadequacies of conventional payment systems and incorporating them into themselves. Officially popular are projects that are intended to utilize cryptocurrency plastic cards, an overall system of cryptocurrency ATMs, and so forth anyway all these projects are for some time looked with one crucial drawback - the lack of improvement partners, and, thus, crumbling in either service or starting conditions. the issue was made and thusly crafted by their assets, the consequences of which was an insufficient commission for clients for payments. and furthermore the developers of such an intense project as NUPay set to make an extra efficient system, free type of these inadequacies.

What is NUPay?
NUPay is a Korean advancement intended to help clients and project-associated business people enter the business by furnishing solid learning and receipt insurance with transparent activities. NUPay offers joint effort not exclusively to on-line stores, anyway likewise disconnected, to accomplish a more extensive hover of clients, while not concentrating on a specific hover of people. NUPay for simple stores will be another installment system for money related exchanges, and moreover, offers them a partnership.


Benefits Of NUPay
NUPay claims an abnormal state of data security, most straightforwardness everything being equal, rapid of making payments and wide openness for the overall population.

Likewise, one among the advantages will be a system of rewards, blessing focuses, cards and vouchers that clients will pay at their caution. Cashback inside the amount of twenty-two of the buy worth is also projected, that is proposed to affirm the great enthusiasm for utilizing this particular installment system.

Commission costs will be the exceptionally least sum, that licenses you to inclination free of monstrous costs exclusively on commission in ordinary installment systems. It furthermore accept an enormous system of partners, in whose stores clients will be ready to helpfully buy product and services without staying inside the red.

Details of the ICO
The unit of achievement of tasks is that the TRST token, that grants to tie all system participants. With the help of it inside the project, it'll be conceivable to play out any very activities and buys or put it in various cryptocurrency projects. Token collection occurs at interims four positions - from the most minimal with the amount of 5000 TRST, allowing you to come 0.5% for buys, to the most noteworthy - VIP, with a sum of 1 million tokens with a cashback of 22. One token cost 0,00004 ETH. The base amount of expenses for the project is 500 million TRST, and in this way the greatest - 1 billion.

Token Data
Token Name => TPCT

Token Type => ERC20

Token Supply => 2,500,000,000 TPCT

Delicate Cap => 500,000,000 TPCT

Hard-Cap => 1,000,000,000 TPCT







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