OKEx C2C Network Launch Event — London (GBP) & Istanbul (TRY)

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After the launch of Thai Baht (THB) on our C2C Trading platform, we are heading to Europe next. On Mar 21, 2019, we will be in London for the launch of British Pound (GBP); and on Mar 26, 2019, we will be in Istanbul for the launch of Turkish Lira (TRY) for C2C Trading.

Register for OKEx C2C Launch Event - LONDON


Register for OKEx C2C Launch Event - TURKEY


But wait, what is C2C Trading?

To put it briefly, C2C Trading allows our users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

We decided to name the platform “C2C” (customer-to-customer) because it is a decentralized trading platform. And we charge zero fee for transactions between users at the C2C Trading marketplace. Users can freely make or take a post order, and trade at their own desired prices and volume.

If you currently do not own any cryptocurrency, you can always consider buying on our C2C Trading platform, in order to get into our spot and derivatives trading markets.

Otherwise, you can only deposit your cryptocurrencies from your wallet or other platforms to start trading in our spot and derivatives markets.

Why the UK & Turkey?

We have seen rising demands in the two markets. In fact, the demands are getting stronger for the whole Europe. There are no specific reasons that make us start off with these two countries. And we assure you, more countries will be covered in Europe this year.

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