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Hello, community!
We are pleased to inform you of the conclusion of a strategic partnership between LeadRex Corp. and, which has extensive experience in building complex decentralized systems based on blockchain technologies.

Our team was joined by:
Asia Larkin (Project Manager) — CEO the company, leader with great experience & ICO expert. She administrates projects in such directions as blockchain technologies, Application Development, software and cloud services.

Matthew Raymer (Lead Blockchain Developer) — Co-founder of the TokenDeveloper company. He specializes in complicated projects that apply blockchain technologies.He has the skills associated with NodeJS, Javascript, Angular, ASP.NET (C # / VB.NET), and also with PHP and PHP frameworks.

Pouria Almassi (Developer) — An experienced developer of services in finance, media and education directions. He specializes at Swift, Objective-C and the Web Services. He received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Georgia.

The LeadRex team will be able to implement the announced roadmap in the shortest possible time and release an innovative product in the field of advertising and Lead Generation, thanks to experienced specialists that joined our project.

An innovative decentralized platform for conducting advertising campaigns and selecting a target audience based on artificial intelligence, solves many pressing problems in the field of advertising. We remove the barrier between the business owner and the potential client and make the search for the target audience as simple as possible.

Each component of the platform will be built on AI technology that will eliminate the need for regular testing of new developments campaign due to regular analysis of analytical information. Anyone can launch an advertising campaign of their product without the need for cooperation with a marketing agency, thanks to the centralized management of the advertising campaign, analytics and automated management system ROI.

Our teams will work together to integrate platform components and modules with Enecuum technologies, multi-functional Ethereum smart contracts and web integration services with third-party applications in just a few months.

👍 Alexander | LeadRex @rav4919
👍 Andrey | LeadRex @Andrey0856
👍 Konstantin | LeadRex @strike0095

🙋‍♂️ Anton Skripka |CEO | LeadRex @SkripkOFF
🙋‍♂️ Oleg | CCO | LeadRex @YbzCoin

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