ProxiMax; A platform that create decentralized application for commercial usage.

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Everyday the world experience different influx of activities, these activities surely does have expansionary effect on every country economical sector. Several networking platforms engage in different intricate structural pattern which makes them complicated for developers and users carry out seamless flow of activities regarding their sites. Technological advancement is a major tool that is inherent to aid the progress of modern society efficaciously. However, the byzantine complexity of platforms makes it rigid and difficult to enable users carry activities systematically without any form of hassle.
The fact still remains that, for a platform to actually succeed into what is believed to be a global market, it must first exert itself by sussing out competition; they just do not foray into any commercial venture and expect to hit the ground running without ingeniously and effectively setting out a an impressive design, one that cannot be fault ergonomically. What is experience from networking platforms currently is that they do not create their own decentralized applications and system solutions for their own commercial use.

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With traditional digital contracts, the only way to offboard an application is to update an external dependency, rather than closing the application via its backend. This is quite a bulky and time-consuming process.
With supercontracts, it is much simpler. As the code belonging to a supercontract resides in Sirius storage, to offboard an application, a developer simply needs to close their Sirius storage drive, which makes a supercontract’s code unavailable to end-users.
Alternatively, if it is not yet executed, parties to a supercontract can leave it as it is, meaning they do not sign-off for it to be executed.
If it is already executed, then an execution process can be stopped, but this ‘stop request’ needs to be signed off by participants through a pre-agreed consensus mechanism.

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