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I don't know about You, but I once found a game like Travian. With absolutely no graphics, Travian has been a hit by office workers around the world. The essence of the game was to pump their own Kingdom and hanging cuffs neighbors. And the neighbors was great, but the cuffs had to pump quite a long time.

As time passed, and Travian in one form or another incarnated again and again. It was a large igrostroy, and games for social networks. And it is impossible to say that Travian did not exploit the idea of Civilization Sid Meier. Only very simplistic.

But now there is a new era-mobile games. And we all remember the success cryptonomicon who put in the time Ethereum. And in this space Studio Ugarsoft releases a new game on the blockchain - CryptoBarons.

Why on the blockchain, what does it give us and why should we pay attention to this game? Let's understand in detail.

Why you need a game on the blockchain?

Let's go back to the notorious cryptocurrencies. Released at the end of 2017, they probably became the loudest game project on the blockchain. Not to say that they stood out for something extraordinary, but the abundance of players and transactions simply put the Ethereum network.

In General, how it works - all gambling transactions, purchases, improvements and so on are written in the blockchain. That is, all property rights are permanently assigned to one player. What is profitable? Well, at least the fact that you can always sell your assets to another player. And this scheme was actively used in cryptocurrencies. It is the interest of earnings moved thousands of players.

Yes, blockchain gives games an amazing option-assets that can be traded with other players. Someone I would argue that there's Steam and its marketplace, and I can say that there are a lot of restrictions. As for the blockchain - here you no restrictions can not create. You are free to do whatever your heart desires.

Now imagine that we have a game scheme, which is initially positioned as an economic strategy. With that simple and clear, which we have used in hundreds of games before. There is a Kingdom, people who need to feed and clothe the army, which need to contain, and it in return will provide us captured the gold from less efficient neighbors.

That's what the game CryptoBarons offers us! Feel like the head of the middle ages, a kind of tough tyrant and warrior, which stone leaves no stone unturned from the occupied lands and terrifies all nearby districts. Exciting? I do... And if we consider that the economy of the game is tied to blockchain assets, which can still be traded - so everything becomes wonderful!

Play CryptoBarons you PC and mobile phone (Android and iOS).

More about the mechanics of the game we will talk in the second part of our review. In the meantime, do not be lazy and register an account here on this link. Free 100 BRN to start the game are waiting for you right now!


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