EOS42 Audits and Verifies the Security of the Obolus Smart Contract Powering Switcheo Exchange

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Smart Contract Security Audit.png

On May 27, 2019 EOS42 completed and issued an auditor’s report of the Obolus Smart Contract that powers EOS trading on Switcheo Exchange.

Apart from its involvement in the smart contract security business, EOS42 is also well known as a top block producer on the EOS blockchain and responsible for Chintai, the largest resource exchange in EOS. The lead auditor, Phillip Hamnett, who has reached an even higher reputation score than Dan Larimer on Stack Exchange, previously audited large exchanges and platforms in blockchain resource and human resources.

The goal of the audit was to corroborate the smart contract’s security and to ensure the contract’s ability to safeguard funds. The audit included a comprehensive source code review in order to identify any vulnerabilities in the contract.

We are proud to report that Obolus Smart Contract was found to have no vulnerabilities nor outstanding issues. Hamnett reports that “[t]he contract conforms to all standards and is in very good condition.” All best practices for smart contract development on the EOSIO platform are applied.

For more details, you can read the complete report here.

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