NYNJA Virtual Operating System for Blockchain Extends Pre-sale Date to August 15

in blockchain •  6 months ago


NYNJA is pleased to announce that NYNJA's ICO will be moving to August 15th following an agreement with AMGOO Telecom to distribute the NYNJA vOS platform on millions of smartphones in the Latin American market. Recent developments with investors and distribution partners, as well as upcoming upgrades to NYNJA's token economics have lead NYNJA's founders to reschedule the public sale in order to support pre-sale contributors, early adopters and the broader NYNJA economy.

Following the press release distributed June 12, 2018, NYNJA looks forward to empowering Latin Americans with a multi-currency smart wallet, apps and services marketplace and advanced voice, text, file-sharing and video communications. Providing seamless, permissionless access to global markets through the on-demand labor marketplace NYNJA will provide the platform and the tools for the next 2 billion mobile users to participate and succeed in the rapid growing US$1.7 trillion dollar global freelance economy.

By extending the date of our private contribution period we will also have more time to advance and leverage relationships with the experienced institutional investors and strategic partners we have begun working with in Asia and Europe. Their experience in the sector, their ability to accelerate distribution and adoption of the NYNJA vOS and their insights into token economics promise to enhance the NYNJA economy and drive global community growth.

The August date will also coincide with the closed beta release of NYNA vOS. This will allow us to share our breakthrough with a community of knowledgeable beta testers, providing a strong demonstration of how solid and advanced our platform and technology and roadmap really are.

Over the next two months we will continue with our platform development, our partnership development and our global roadshow. Our technical teams in Eastern Europe, Asia and California will be working around the clock to advance the platform and technology while our roadshow teams in Asia, Europe and North America respond to the increasing interest from strategic partners and institutional and private investors.

As usual, we will remain as transparent as possible during this process and are open to answering any questions our community may have. We plan to schedule an AMA on Friday June 15th at 4pm HKT/9am GMT. If you have questions you would like to ask our founders? Please follow this link and we will address the most upvoted comments: Reddit: NYNJA's first AMA Session.

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