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The thriving of the DLT has made many individuals rise up to build their own token and take up an ecosystem they can have control over of which there is really nothing wrong with that but the fact that they have done it wrongly or some that are misusing the privilege are making it look so bad. As some real program are trying to build up the cryptocommunity, some are actually pulling it down and more is the fact that investors are taken advantage of when they invest. This is what kept making people discouraged and becoming very skeptical with their relationship with cryptocoins. But how can any difference be made, can a distinction be made between the programs with clear profit model and other useless ones, of course there can be a way to do that through this new program that has a way of controlling people to Invest in only platforms that has a define profit model and that can be only gotten from $mart fund which is a setup to carefully observe.


$mart fund gives developers the chance to get adequate funding and investors to profit in their usual activities. It provides necessary startup funding capital for developers to thrive with their real innovation with the use intention and gives room for the financiaI growth of the stakeholders in a very unique way.

This setup emerged seeing the need for investors to advance and Optimize good projects better and for them to have timely info to thrive during their investment programs.


Also it seeks to eliminate the problem of developers seeking funds to assist in raising programs that can be of great benefit to the crypto users at large. So it provides the startup funds. However, it regards profit making more than anything else and is working towards ensuring that all investors achieve that regardless of the market situation.


In this setup, all the activities are centred on the use of the $FD token which in full is the Staked dividend Fund Token. Some of these tokens can be used to initiate the investments proposal that is coordinated by smartcontracts while some are activated for voting. When the vote is initiated, it can last for 3 days and the outcome of the voting determines how smart contracts would be deployed for action on investments or otherwise. The entirr process in this setup is purely decentralised from the proposal to the deployment of smartcontracts for investment. The automatic process is supervised by smartcontracts and the profit model becomes very clear to everyone. What happens after the investments is the generation of revenue from the invested projects. This revenue however , is immediately sent to the smart fund and from there to each $FD token holders as dividends. This makes their fund grow continuously with the tokens performing their functions on the ethereum chain with the right protocols. This is probably cause an openess in the funds and also controls how purchases are made to foster the increase of funds in the platform.


All the token holders will have access to funds i.e the smart fund that will be spread to all the members. The $FD when necessary will be traded on the exchange and used for other kinds of operations which will continually be on reserve. Investments in all dapp program will be done in a new way that is much more better with smartcontracts and the token and that will make all the difference between the old insecure way of investing and what is being created now.


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