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The main purpose of creating Payaccept is to combat the major issues encountered when making payments. Many people use many in many ways and while some people have figured out a unique way they can go about any type of payment to others through a usual medium, others haven't found a way out yet. But it is possible to use the advantage of the blockchain to get a reasonable solution. One solution I think you might be proud of it you check out is the solution provided by Payaccept platform.


First it includes other cryptocurrencies as part of the currency people can use or exchange to when using the platform. Other 50 common coins are made useful and the fact that it uses a standard type of wallet gives it another edge and advantage. Users in this community have the best features of transaction speed, operation layout and the powerful blockchain technology to aid their activities and that serves as all that the users ever needed to experience a new pattern of making digital payments. All other useful and impactful products are made available and cheaper so that the users can get better services and be satisfied.

Payaccept gives you the chance to receive the top coins into your wallets. The wallet also gives you cool features like the ability to create or add a new wallet in the main one so that you can classify your assets and define how you want them used.

Some of the features that you would love about this platform is the customizable wallet. It makes you able to change the default settings or appearance of the wallet.

There is fast sending of information through the wallet. It also means fast sending or transfer of money from the wallet. Operations are trusted and guided by smart contracts. The platform gives you automatic updates, gives you timely information and make you know your balance and how your transactions are fairing.


This platform gives you the ability to link your wallet to your banks. You can do this if you are the type that has many bank account, you can connect them to have your funds in one single place in the Payaccept wallet. The wallet is an offline wallet that can be accessed even without internet connection. These are just few of the features that makes Payaccept unique.

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