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Computation is very important in our society. Virtually every industry and sector of the global economy needs some calculations. That is where computation comes into the picture. With computation, it would be easier to compile and derive data from the different things that have been explored.

The computation industry is one that is always on the increase. It has since moved from the conventional format to the online variant where cloud computation is holding sway. It is important to point out that the fortunes of the computation industry are one of the reasons why Amazon went on to create a cloud computation platform, called Amazon Web Service (AWS). Therefore, we can see that cloud computation and indeed computations of any kind are booming.


Contrary to the “supposed” viability of the blockchain technology to work on different issues, it has been a different tale when it comes to computing. For obvious reasons, scalability and many other downsides have continually led to declines in the possibilities of using the blockchain network to compile and compute different tasks.

It is for that reason that the Cartesi blockchain was launched to be the platform that would usher in impressive changes in different sectors of the global economy. We would now consider some of the potential use cases and scenarios where the decentralized and more secured/transparent system of the Cartesi blockchain computation would be applied.

Web 3.0 – The Decentralized Internet

It is no secret that the Internet is one of the viable mediums through which many people can interact. It is also against the backdrop of centralized controls that the mantle fell on the TRON blockchain to embark on the move to decentralize the Internet. The Cartesi blockchain is taking it higher with the usage of the platform to launch a different approach to Web 3.0, which is the Decentralized Internet.

By the formulations, the Cartesi blockchain would create a Replayable Networking Port that would enable the platform (Cartesi) to settle any disputes or discrepancies arising from computations made before. In addition, the platform would be making use of a decentralized medium to ensure that all services rendered therein are faster, cheaper, and simpler.


Computational Tasks

The Cartesi blockchain makes excellent use of Computer Science whereby it creates a trustless marketplace for the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as for the computation of tasks. That is possible through the delegation of the Decentralized Automated Verification section of the platform, which ensures that new Decentralized Applications (DApps) are created and evenly distributed.

It is worth noting that the computation of tasks is furthered bolstered via the inclusion of other segments of computer science, including but not limited to data analysis, and machine learning.


It is evident that different sectors of the global economy are set for tremendous growth courtesy of the impressive computation architecture created by the Cartesi blockchain. As a developer or investor in the different industries as highlighted above, endeavour to be a part of the community of Cartesi blockchain users, because that is one of the entry points for facilitating the growth of your interests and investments in respective industries.


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