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With the great number of project coin created periodically on the blockchain, a way to manage their use and distribution among the users is very important. Dozens of crypto coin needs great exchanges to allow their tradings because that is the only way the users can get to use them and swap among themselves. Many coins are already registered on different exchanges already but the credibility of these exchanges are in question and so far they have dissappointed investors. Now that there are so many exchanges on the blockchain, there is a limit to the number of coin that eventually gets listed in them. There is usually competitions among many projects to get listed but only few ones that are able to afford the fees charged by the exchanges. This has therefore limited so many project from having their tokens listed. After all the solutions they must have gathered or created, they end up not getting to their users and are forced to backout or close down eventually.
Now the problem with the excess cost on listing will be solved by this project. This platform would help projects that cannot afford heavy listing fees. Freely or with lesser fees they will have the exposure they need. Anyone-exchange introduces a way to improve the values of the users involved with any project or another. The values of these coins will be maintained asides the listing advantage they will get from it. Anyone exchange does all of the aforementioned functions and is observed to have had all the features and tools capable of improving the exchange functions.


The investment feature is another advantage of Anyone and it is a system based on referral. It works best for investors and the marketers in the ecosystem. This improves the level of commitment of the users and improves the referral system. Companies can now purchase the anyone investments and gain from it. The purchase is simple and it involves the use of Gamechip with values equivalent to dollar. This is used daily in the platform and to an extent that it serves as a compensation to the companies placing such investments.

It uses products with regular interest rates, the products will be supplied on a regular basis. The products would be made available for 120days ready to be purchased while the GAMESHIP will be available for use within the 100days doing the same. There is a guide for the purchase of the products as well as the GAMESHIP.

IMG_20190711_141241.jpg AnyOne App is ready and soon to be released. Check out the beta test app now!

With the current trend, the platform will be made to distribute dividends to users for their participation. There is a specific rate for the dividends given and a certain pattern it must follow. This platform follows this regular pattern and sustains its accuracy as it allocated coin the right way. The accuracy is perfectly measured when it comes to the percentage distribution of the dividends. This is done in relation to the value of the cryptocoin at any moment. The revenue of this ecosystem will come from the different activities in the system like the transaction fees and the staking fees that comes from the gaming website. This is what keeps the user motivated to keep investing and gaining from the program. As a complete coin, the full revenue nis allocated leading coin owners to enjoy dividends and to operate transparently.


The platform is fair enough in all it enables its users to do in it so the rewards can be distrubuted as it should be. This is what will encourage more players to keep at the lottery of this anyone games, staking and having rewards when they win any games.


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