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Introducing this project to the crypto users makes them hopeful of their participation in the system. The DLT as we know cannot be limited in use or adoption, there are so many sides to it's functions and a project can decide to make the best use of it depending on how the team is able to work on the existing structures or bring tools together to make the existing networks better. Transactions in the ledger can be done across the border of the digital community to access the real world and vice versa. This however mean that a project in the DLT can choose to be limited to the cryptocommunity or can find other applications in the real world too. Whatever is done on the DLT can become perfected over and over again, users can also gain the real advantage as a result of this. The existence of ANYONE will lead to a revolution in the crypto industry and the coin will bring satisfaction to users.



This innovation forms an alternative cryptocoins for use by the different users of the ledger chain system to find other applications in many offline and online institutions. It willl assist in restructuring the CryptoMarket for all and boosting the operations of users for them to derive many more advantages which will make them fit for all forms of global services and to incorporate the cryptocurency way of doing things in every sector of the world. Anyone is prepared to offer the best form of services in the gaming society, investments of people in crypto and in the dividends that will be shared. More so, it will assist many business models and foundations to make use of this project as an advantage in their operations as well. This is purposely for these spheres to become better with the establishment. All the services are listed in it's whitepaper already and they are all with their special aim in the community. The overall aim is for it to find application all around the globe and to make this ANYONE establishment a global solution.


Some establishments cannot maintain the price of their tokens which they issue, they have been reason why so many investors are giving up on investing in assets unlike investing in fiats. The investments in cryptocurencies was meant to be more profitable than investing in any other assets. Now this establishment will make users purchase their tokens and will not limit the production of the coins such that its price doesn't drop. The buyers would purchase without any pressure and this will be done over and over again without any difficulty or increase in price. ANYONE platform uses a special PoW algorithm to prevent the falling of its coin and to make it more effective. The PoW Logan is used and it maintains the system the way it should be served. The right volume of coin will be issued at a time and at the appropraite volume in the DLT. The CryptoMarket will have no experience of the sudden Change in the price of ANY coin, this is because there will be no additional volume added and just the amount supplied to the it will be in rotation in the CryptoMarket and among the users. This is a strategy that hasn't been discovered by other team member of other establishments but having this knowledge, Anyone will know how to tackle the challenges in the community and will have no issues concerning the price of its tokens.

IMG_20190708_194629.jpg AnyoneLTD Beta test app is out. Check it out!


The introduction of dividends in this platform makes it all accepted by users, this is because everyone desires gain from their participation in a program and as long as this establishment is able to give that little form of profiting that makes the users feel important and gives them a high sense of belonging. The revenue comes from the coin and from the foundations that are formed by the platform itself. They have the right business model and so it is easy for them to generate a high amount of revenue and also to achieve price stabilization unlike other programs. This is a major advantage and leverage which the users will have and will keep holding on to because of how important they are.


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