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The First and Only Scalable Solution to Keep your Valuables both Digital and Physical under the Incorruptible Completely Safe Block Chain Umbrella 

WHAT MySAFE Vault (The real product) ?

MySAFE® is a Digital Vault (futures stages consider also a mixed online-physical version), where in order to rent it, to open it, and execute all usual transactions proper to those common bank safety box you see on the movies or currently having be doing, need the extra security layer of the need to be processed under the block chain technology, fully encrypted and incorruptible under the form of transactions. All transactions are unique.

MySAFE® is a real product, still under development, and specifically designed to keep your digital valuables and also, in further stages, now under design, to keep your physical ones too.Using Block Chain technology we produce several layers of security, making your vault completely safe, incorruptible, secure and completely confidential, and fully transferable through Ethereum Ecosystem.You digital valuables leave your hands or smart phone, UBS key, data record, CD, laptop, or whatever delivery device you want to use, completely encrypted, nobody, unless you, knows the content.

About Vortix

MySAFE® is nothing but an Incorruptible Vault for Valuable Encrypted Digital Documents or Files of any kind, stored, protected, completely anonymous and confidentially secured under the Block Chain technology, with different security layers and several specific functions, which allows to share, total or partial transfer, untraceable, and unless for the one who is the holder of the key or keys, depending on the grade, impossible to open, impossible to read, impossible to know its content, and fully scalable up to the possibility to read and burn or just burn. With the intention to make it short, but at the same time with all necessary information you may need regarding our product and our token crowd fund sale, this white paper intend to contain the necessary information to understand product, initial project idea, technologies involved and business model. At the moment, all what is developed or under development on the block chain or using it, to our understanding, lacks the proper definition of product, either digital or virtual, what you see on the block chain, are digital currencies denominated like cryptocurrencies or altcoins, some intermediary services in between parties, basic games or other kind of so called “collectibles” of dubious performance where, under the umbrella of block chain platforms basically give in your property …really nothing, it is just another way to speculate imaging those incredible wins made by bitcoin in the past, bust as far as the technology evolves and more players get into it too, the market, and all markets in fact, tend to stabilize by nature, making those potential wins, everyday more difficult. There will be some, for sure, but for real value assets. In coins, market will tend to put all of them on its real place, some will remain and be worthy, others… will for sure not


MySafe is one out of several products and services which will be all integrated under the same Ecosystem, sharing space, usability and giving added value one to another. The main features on MySafe are so complex as for describing but if there is something that define the usage and features, should be the graphic you can see at this link 

Technical Info

Solidity for Block Chain Interaction, 512 Encryption proprietary protocol for protect, dilution, and recovery, tunnel technology for sending/receiving from customer single app. Now use able in Mobile, Tab or Computer of anykind. Can command IoT devices  

Road Map

2018January1Q 2018Processing of Smart Contracts

March1Q 2018Token (MySAFE Vault) PreSale (VTX)

May2Q 2018Alpha Version running on Test Platform

June2Q 2018ICO (VTX) First Round goes Live

July3Q 2018ICO (VTX) Second Round goes Live

September3Q 2018Beta Version Released for MySAFE Vault

October3Q 2018ICO (VTX) Third Round goes Live

November4Q 2018First Product Release on Sale2019

February1Q 2019ICO (VTX) Fourth and Final Round goes Live

June2Q 2019Second Product Release

September3Q 2019Third Product and Fully Scalable Product Release 

The Leadership Team

Magnus Johnsen/COO

Ferran Casadevall/IR & Marketing

Toni Alcaraz/COO

 Kassandra Rincon/IR & Marketing

For more information, please follow us below: 

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4349724.new#new

 Website: https://vortix.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/VortixICO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VtxToken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VortixS 

 Author:  Wong linglong3 

Bitcointalk Profil: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1229230 

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