WHALE OLYMPICS: "Code Run" Rules

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Just as in the previous game, cooperation of the players will be necessary to be successful. This time however players will also be able to play for their own interest - and against that of others.


As the start of the game, the "nowcoin-reward-pool" will send each playing account a codeword in the memo field of a transfer.

Registration has been closed, playing accounts are the following:

Screenshot_2018-10-08 https live nowcoingame com.png

The codeword in itself is worth 1 point, if returned to the "nowcoin-reward-pool". Any codeword may be returned by any player, and the first return (by anyone) is the valid return. No matter who sends back the codeword, the point goes to its owner.

We will reward the players if more codewords are sent back together, due to cooperation and communication of multiple players. Reward scheme is the following:

Codeword returned in one transactionPoint per codeword credited to its owner

You may use our channels to align with fellow players. On Discord we have a dedicated channel for the Whale Olympics, but - as you will see - cooperating undercover might be useful :)

As you see from the above, you will be motivated not just to simply return your codeword, but to arrange it to be returned together with as much other codewords in a bundle as possible.

In general this requires players to discuss who will return the codewords, and which codewords exactly. However - there is always the human element :)

Do you really trust, that your assignee will "not forget" to send your codeword as well? Will there be partisans, sending back others' codewords one-by-one to minimize those players' rewards? You may never know… Sneaky right? :)

At the end, we will distribute 1000 NowCoin among the account with the returned codewords in ratio of their codeword points.

The returned codewords will be published on Discord continuously for you to see if you were cheated :)

The game will be open from the receipt of your codewords, and will be closed as of UTC 12:00 on Friday.

Have fun!

Web: https://nowcoingame.com
Game: https://live.nowcoingame.com
Telegram Group: https://t.me/NowCoinCommunity
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/nowcoingame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NowcoinGame
Discord: https://discord.gg/y6rWcvh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nowcoingame

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