Uchit — is a top global data exchange point project, as well as a community ecosystem with API integration in which all errors will be eliminated.

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Uchit is a (p2p) system that is created to unite people in one ecosystem, for co-partnering in one partner system by an integrated ecosystem on smart contracts ethereum. Uchit has the most advanced decentralized encryption system, which will allow users to exchange messages with the most reliable protection at their discretion, regardless of the centralized source. The uniqueness of the project is that it introduces an entirely new system of p2p approach, which is created for chain chained. To date, since 2010, the number of people in social networks has grown by 3.5 times, which allowed directly introducing an entirely new concept of community interaction. With the growth in the number of users, fake information hinders the development of quality of development, this problem must be solved in a perennial way, as more and more money and time is needed on the temples of the best information for its future development. The biggest advantage of the ecosystem is that it will unite everything in one that will allow you to optimize, reduce time, and also make the information better informed. The project team entered into an agreement with the strategic partner CRASS Infotech. In the future plans of the project, the API integration of the platform development into the world services.

The foundations of the unification of the global community


The main source of communication will be in the form of communication rooms, in which participants will communicate and offer each other their business ideas. Users will be able to be sure that their data will not reach 3 people, because everything will happen inside the blockhain. Such a method is necessary to eliminate the theft of information, because the state, as well as providers, steal traffic and decrypt it at home. The project will allow users around the world to transmit their data.
Uchit Tokens

Tokens (UCHT) are the symbols of the core of the Uchit incentive protocol. Tokens are needed in order to exchange ready templates of intellectual property for information. Smart system on the etherium will allow to unite the system directly with the base of all the main Crypto currency. In the future, the platform will integrate many ideas, be it programming code, or video lessons from the very top online learning services. The advantage of this approac h is that users themselves control who they transmit information to. It is the community that will develop and monitor the platform. The development team will listen to people’s opinion, which will allow you to make updates in the shortest possible time in accordance with your preferences and raise the price of the token on demand to the skies. The platform will be able to unite professionals. Such an approach in public design, will fully allow you to work with people anywhere in the world.
The core of information transfer

● For personal use — correspondence with friends, as well as members of his family.

● Professional use for programmers, musicians, training courses, insider information.

● Fundamental analysis, and a technological part for investors and the stock market.

● Corporate use between corporations and many other possibilities.
● The project team wants to help the following groups of people.
My mark

I think that the project is one of the most important link in the entire scope of the crypto currency, because it can unite the rest of the community through the connection API, and now it will not be necessary to create 100 different accounts. It is also encouraging that you can create your own environment in which you can find the same people from the same minds from around the world and create a collective mind from different parts of the world. In the Telegram 55,000 people, as well as many famous partners.
Token sale

Soft Cap $ 5,000,000.

Amount to be raised $ 50,000,000 (Approx Value.) / 60,000 ETH (Fixed Value)

Pre ICO 1st May 2018 — 30th May 2018.

ICO Period 1st June 2018 — 30th June 2018.

Total Supply 712,350,000.
Team & Advisor

9 people
Road map finish May 2020

Official Web Page https://uchit.info/
• White Paper https://uchit.info/Uchit-Whitepaper.pdf
• Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Uchit-207729296639497/
• Twitter https://twitter.com/Uchit_coin
• Telegram https://t.me/uchit_coin

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