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RE: The blockchain revolution and the end of trust

in #blockchain5 years ago

Trump knows a pump and dump ponzi scheme when he sees one.


Trustless society that's quite impressive! We need to revolutionized our current traditional system, because It don't make sense adopting old system that no longer work anymore.

you are so on point @cortexx, thinking about the world as it is today, we seem to have gotten lots if not all things wrong right from education to religion to relationships to seems it keeps getting crazy and unless there is a change, i wonder what the next generation will look like.

Great post @hitwill

It'd be like trying to fix or repair a Model-T when we have Telsa Roadster technology.

Having both in your garage would be cool. The Model T, you can repair yourself and its a piece of history. While the #Tesla can repair its self with a virtual system update and also a piece of history. :-)

Someday blockchain will show us "it doesnt matter what Trumps think of ".

Centralization is not the answer - decentralization is! Privacy and the ownership of our own data as intellectual property will be reality. Everyone keep your data safe and private with Brave, DuckDuckGO, and soon Substratum - check it out.

They are tethering it to gold so you pump and dump chumps can't hurt those who buy and hodl.

Are blockchain systems a pump and dump? Maybe not.

Trump is running the biggest pump and dump in history and his stock market is at the dump stage, he's pumping it with tax cuts and he's dumping it with huge spending and he's gonna get fired and dumped when interest rates start to rise on that twenny trill he is pumping to the moon, ouch!


Bullshitting, flip-flopping, free-wheeling and waffling might work on the campaign trail to convince the dumb rednecks, but it won't fly in a courtroom or when under oath.

I agree but I don't see it getting to a courtroom, Trump is their man, he may have campaigned on draining the swamp but all he has done since getting elected is fill it up with ex Goldman employees and other ex big corpas. Every now an then he will throw out a tough stance on some thing or other to appear autonomous from the deep state but it's all just a side show. You can't make America great again by increasing spending when it's already through the roof.

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