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Cryptocurrencies are innovative technologies that will change our way of life, but we should not neglect their misuse. In December 2017, bitcoin soared, reaching an unprecedented amount of about $ 19,000. The cryptocurrency market, which has so far remained relatively restrained, then exploded. Investors, companies and even the General public have found new interest in digital currencies. Blockchain technologies, on which most cryptocurrencies are based, open up prospects for innovation, as well as many opportunities. They allow, in fact, to do without a third party, in this case the Bank, for financial transactions. In addition, they also provide relative anonymity and facilitate access to currency, making it difficult to track, and in some cases virtually impossible. It is for these main reasons that these digital currencies have been gaining popularity for nearly a decade among cybercriminals. The recent fascination and sharp growth of most of these currencies has led to the resurgence of large underground markets. Opening new perspectives, ensuring anonymity and allowing large financial benefits of the digital currency became the preferred solution to the cyber criminals to generate income.

Cryptocurrency mining is similar to gold mining. Instead of hard work in the mine, the value comes from the time and power of computer processing. Miners have the primary responsibility for the maintenance and safety of the decentralized network of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Each transaction is recorded in a digital register called the blockchain. Miners help update and validate this register by solving a mathematical equation that allows a transaction block to be added to a string. In return, they receive the currency created by the new block, as well as transaction fees. For this reason, cryptocurrency mining is a source of money for miners. However, some currencies such as bitcoin require significant computing power, making mining less profitable than it has been in the past. This greatly simplifies the development of smaller, less competitive and less expensive currencies.

Of course, to ensure uninterrupted production requires not only computing power, but also a full infrastructure. That's why I want to introduce you to the unique project of Scavo technologies. The project comes from Argentina and a team of experienced developers creates an innovative solution for a clean, profitable and promising cryptocurrency mining. Children create a ready-made infrastructure
for data processing of a kriptomayning. The main focus is on renewable energy resources, as it is extremely important today and in the future.

The company Scavo technologies creates a unique solution with which humanity can fully spend energy resources, do not leave after the use of any waste. This solution is completely environmentally friendly and scalable.

Now, for example, to produce bitcoin has become extremely expensive.High capacity and access to cheap energy are required. With the fall of the market in 2018, this activity was not quite profitable. But the Scavo technologies project is able to solve an urgent problem thanks to its own vision . It's called "industry 4.0." Thanks to this concept, the project developers are going to significantly reduce the price of electricity.

With the help of hybrid power generation, as well as through a combination of diverse energy sources (water, wind, sun), the company is going to solve the problems of expensive electricity for mining.
This solution will cover all the miners ' needs for cheap power sources. In simple words, digging approach the problem of power source with a set of solutions.

Now the company holds the "initial coin offering" (ICO). The funds raised will enable the Scavo technologies project to build many power plants. They will produce electricity from renewable energy sources. THE Scavo token itself is required to distribute future profits from the project activities. The project has a ready and unique business model that will bring its investors a good profit in the future. Token holders have the right to profit from all activities of the mining farm.

An important point: the project has already collected the minimum amount of necessary investments. This means that investors and funds believe in it, that is, the project is set up seriously enough and soon we will see the finished product. There is not much time left, so I advise everyone to take a closer look at the project and of course take part. As You can see in my blog I review only the most promising projects and start-UPS interesting, so I advise everyone to pay to review the draft SCAVO Technologies in more detail. Thank you for attention!

More information Can be found at these links:

WEBSITE https://scavo.farm
WHITEPAPPER https://scavo.farm/download/WhitepaperEnglishv1.15.pdf
TELEGRAM https://t.me/SCAVOTech_English
TWITTER https://twitter.com/SCAVOTech
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/SCAVOTechnologies/
MEDIUM https://medium.com/@SCAVOTech
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC97baGa2bnwnxolojO8LsjA
LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/company/e-scavo/
ANN THREAD https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4832228.msg43604596#msg43604596
Belgrano 827, General Lagos - Santa Fe, Argentina
[email protected]

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This is amazing, thanks for posting

I think the project does not have a super future, but he has an audience, and he will live, of course, the big X's will not do it. But for diversification, I'll probably take it.

Great revew! The project solve many problems. I'll be watching it. Thank you!

What are the thoughts of the guys, is it worth investing?