PayPal lists Crypto? ETH 2.0 Updates. Margin Trading on Bityard Exchange.

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If you are in crypto industry for a while, you have definitely heard about Ethereum, one of the oldest and biggest cryptocurrencies ever created. Generally speaking the second crypto currency of all time. Back in 2017 some people were sure that ETH will overcome BTC and will be Nr.1 crypto in the industry, but obviously it is still too early, BTC is far too big.

So what is Ethereum? Ethereum is an altcoin, a different type of crypto currency than BTC. But among things ETH and BTC have in common is that both of these crypto currencies are mineable and this is exactly the thing that ETH 2.0 should change. Their team is switching from Proof of Work (mining) to Proof of Stake (staking), which means that regular users with certain amount of Ethereum will be able to stake those coins. So why does ETH want to implement this change? There are a lot of reasons why Proof of Stake is more effective as Proof of Work, but here are the two most important ones:

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  • Energy Efficiency : as you know mining is a very tough process, where you need to invest a solid amount of money into your hardware to be able to mine cryptocurrencies. It can be GPUs for mining ETH and it can be Miners for BTC. But the whole process requires a lot of energy and when crypto prices are low, energy costs can be more than your income. By Proof of Stake the only thing that you need to do is to buy coins without any additional costs, so it is the most obvious advantage.

  • Lower barriers to entry: so if you would like to mine ETH now, you would need a solid GPU which will cost you around 500 and 1500 USD per unit, which is quite a big amount. Your returns will be around 50-60% per year, so if you are lucky, in 2 years you will cover the costs of your hardware. If you want to have a good income, you need 10 or maybe 20 GPUs at the same time, which is very expensive. To Stake ETH, you would need to hold at least 32 ETH, which is around 6k USD at the moment. Not a small price, but you will be able to sell at any moment and the price can increase, while the price of your hardware will only decrease within time.

Generally speaking ETH 2.0 is a very awaited update from the whole crypto community which will certainly lead to a price increase in the future. However, every delay in development would provocate bad mood on the market which almost always leads to price decreases. Here is a very informative website, so you can read more about ETH 2.0.


So, let us get to the second big announcement we would like to discuss today. Recently there is a lot of news regarding Paypal to list cryptocurrencies. But how much of this is true and what would it mean for crypto? Lets' start with Paypal as a company, because it has definitely something in common with crypto. A payment network that allows people to send money all over the world at any time with lower fees? Sounds familiar right? Science its creation PayPal has become very popular across the world and gained 300 million users worldwide. Can you even imagine what an impact it would have on crypto currencies, when 300 million people would be able to buy them directly from a familiar website? It is like Apple would create their own cryptocurrency. Without any doubt, it would be a huge step for cryptocurrencies and will certainly lead to breaking all price records.

But not every news is true and if it would turn out as a fake, BTC will definitely drop. And there are some positive aspects that we would like to mention, because we actually believe it can come true.

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  • First of all, PayPayl will be the first huge centralized company that will offer BTC sales. There are certainly a lot of companies doing this right now, but PayPal is on another level. They would gain the benefits among being the first ones that have actually done it successfully. So it is basically a win-win for both sides.

  • Secondly, we have found a very interesting article on Cointelegraph where it is stated that PayPal is actively hiring blockchain engineers for their crypto integration. It can also be that PayPal is doing something completely different and just integrating blockchain technology for other purposes as Amazon, Samsung or IBM are already doing. In any case the final approval or disapproval of this event will definitely have a huge impact on crypto currencies in a good or a bad way.

ETH 2.0 and PayPal crypto listing will definitely shake up the industry which will certainly lead to big price changes. The only question is if it is going to be a good or a bad effect. Nevertheless, it is possible to earn money in both scenarios by using margin trading and here is how.

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We have already introduced Bityard exchange in some of our videos, but as a quick reminder, Bityard is a Singaporean based exchange that is licensed in 4 countries including the United States. Not every crypto exchange achieves this goal and it is definitely worth attention to take a look at it. It is also pretty easy to get started and gets several clicks to be available to trade. Lets' go and take a look at available trading pairs and opportunities that Bityard is offering.

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On the left hand side, you can see all listed trading pairs, surely including BTC and ETH and 8 other big crypto currencies such as TRX or DASH. But we would like to start with BTC. In the middle of the interface you can see the trading charts of BTC and we would like to have a closer look at BTC price science the last halving. As you may remember the last BTC halving took place on 11th of May which reduced the block rewards from 12 to 6,5 BTC per block. Everybody, including us was expecting a big price jump, but nothing like this happened. If you go to a 1-day-chart, you will be able to see BTC price performance science 11th of May, which was not that great. The trading range was between 8500 and 10000 USD, however 10000 USD was achieved only once and several minutes later the price dropped back to 9500 on the 2nd of June. However, you can see that BTC was shaking the whole time between 8500 and 10000 USD which gave a big opportunity to earn on those falls and raises. Here is how you can do it.

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On the right hand side there is a trading interface where you can place your orders. If you think that BTC price will increase you should click on buy and vice versa. We think that after PayPal news BTC will add some value, so we would click on buy. Now we need to select the right leverage. Leverage is the amount of money you lend from exchange for your orders. Lets say we have 100 USD. We put 100 USD in Initial Margin field and going back to Leverage. Now we should decide by how much times we would like to increase our order. You can choose between 20x, 40x, 60x, 80x and 100x. We will choose 100 and as you can see 100 multiplied by 100 is 10000 USD which is equivalent to 1,1 BTC. So with only 100 USD we are trading with 1,1 BTC. You should check your Stop Loss, price when Bityard will liquidate your order and you will get 10 USD back, and Take Profit, price when Bityard will liquidate your order and you will get 300 USD back.

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We click on buy and confirm and our order is live. So now in position field you can see all the details of our order including buying and selling price, order amount, selected crypto currency and the order number. You can leave it until the order will be closed automatically or you can just click on close.



All in all, crypto currency is very volatile, which makes it extremely unpredictable. However, thanks to exchanges like Bityard, there are a lot of opportunities of how you can earn not only on holding crypto but on trading on falls and raises as well.

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I think that it just rumor and Paypal is not going to list any cryptocurrencies

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Ha pasado un tiempo desde que vi que desde PayPal puedes comprar tus criptoactivos, lo cual es bastante interesante ya que la mayoría de las billeteras electrónicas no tienen este servicio, o tienes que pasar por diferentes intermediarios. Esto genera un gasto extra al final. Me parece muy bien. Estoy muy agradecido con la información ya que ene estos tiempos es mejor estar informados, sigues asi y te ganaras muchos seguidores
Esta es una información muy importante sobre Ethereum. Como todos saben, hoy en día las criptomonedas se están convirtiendo en la forma más importante para hacer negocios, entonces es extremadamente importante tener la mejor información posible sobre las criptomonedas y, en este caso, sobre Ethereum, para conocer las diferencias básicas entre Ethereum y Bitcoin

it has been a while since i saw that from paypal you could buy your cryptoactives, which is quite interesting since most of the electronic wallets do not have this service, or you have to go through different intermediaries. this generates an extra expense at the end. without a doubt, bitcoin and eutherum are the most stable and valuable crypto currencies until now. they are accepted worldwide, including to pay for products and services

Me parece Muy bien. Estoy muy agradecido con la información ya que ene estos tiempos es mejor estar informados, sigues asi y te ganaras muchos seguidores

This is a very important information about Ethereum. As everybody knows, nowadays the Cryptocurrencies is turning in the most important way for doing business, then is extremely important to have the Best information possible about the Cryptocurrencies and in this case about Ethereum, to know the basic differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, the advantages and disadvantages of each one, in order to take the best decision.

PayPal lists Crypto is really amazing and one find here newest something which is really helpful with some features. This crypto is PayPal list where have some strategy and tips and doing well with some new way.

Awesome to heard from crypto which been getting attached with Paypal in list to get some features details and strategy to use !!!

The article is the best and well-articulated with "Margin Trading on Bityard Exchange" that I have ever seen before. I recommended it to all to follow.

I really hope the rumor is true. If Paypal lists crypto then it will be so much more easier to buy and withdraw them. Again this could be just a rumor as there are lot of complexities involved in Paypal listing cryptos.

I feel while it might not happen soon, there is a very good chance that Paypal will start listing crypto currencies in the future as it very well knows cryptos are the future and they sure would want to tap in to that.

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