PIRL - Smart-Contract Based Masternodes using Ethash

in blockchain •  last year


$PIRL is a very interesting new masternode project. It is made as an Ethereum fork, and is the first coin to implement masternodes and smart contracts on the Ethereum chain. This coin is mineable and is very profitable to mine right now, which is generating some attention for the project. The blocks are very fast and give high rewards.   

 I spoke with masterdubs, the dev of this coin, and he assured me that this project will have masternodes. The masternodes are being tested will be released shortly. The masternodes will require 20k $PIRL when released. To deal with high inflation, there will be coin burns and voting systems that will also burn coins. 

 This is a very interesting project. It is now under 1m market cap, and could make some serious gains once masternodes are implemented. The coin was just added to Cryptopia, and did 20 BTC volume in the first day. This is great volume and will get some attention for the coin. This coin is also getting added to Yobit soon, which will bring volume and new investors. Longer term, the volume will likely be up to 100 BTC in 24 hours. This will be after more exchanges are added and masternodes are implemented.  

 $PIRL is a unique coin unlike many staking and masternode coins. It may take some extra time for you to understand $PIRL because it is not like other coins. This is good. The project is customized, it is unique, and it stands out. The dev team is talented. Spend some extra time to understand this project, and you will see its value.

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