suggestions about how to improve the steem blockchain

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The steem blockchain has a considerable measure of trash and spam posts in it in light of the fact that a great deal of spammers continue adding spam to it. Here I will introduce two proposals that will help stop the high stream of spam to the steem blockchain.

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1: Quit recording posts with five words or less in the blockchain 

There are many posts in steem that are simply just "much appreciated", "upvoted, remarked, resteemed". This remarks increase the value of the blockchain yet put additional heap to it. Demonitizing these posts by not recording posts with five words or less will without a doubt dispose of a great deal of garbage. This will build the speed and steadiness of the steem hubs. 

As of late, steem hub stoppage caused a few issues in the steemit site as a result of additional bandwith and the hubs couldn't stay aware of the high load. Executing the above recommendations will keep something to that effect from happening once more.

2:Diminishing as far as possible 

The bandwith given to clients is substantially higher than the normal client employments. A client can post a hundred content posts easily in the event that he simply joined the stage. Frequently there are new clients who are joining the stage fundamentally to spam it. Including a stricter bandwith that is, diminishing the bandwith allotted to new clients will help prevent spammers from posting crazy number of waste posts. 

It won't influence the great new clients since they will have enough bandwith to post posts the normal individual posts. The point of confinement ought to be included by checking how much the normal client utilizes with the goal that great patrons are not influenced by it. This ought to be effectively actualized by arranging the bandwith calculation.

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