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               Early and imagine the use cases beyond 2018. Don't chase the missed boat (ie BTC,LTC,ETH,NEO..)

               In Protocol or operating system Tokens (ie EOS, ADA, XLM, ZRX, OMG...)

                In utility tokens solves real problems in a kind of world you want to live in. Its about the world benefit from it.
                Not just abour benefit. More people benefit the more ROI you'll get.

               10 - 20 tokens. Easier to manage, Because you need more time to learn and contribute to the Crpto ecosystem.

              In Funtional Crypto and Use the transactional Crypto, Use the transactional crypto wherever possible. No excuses!

***DYOR is important, But your Own experiences and imaginations are more important. Your ROI is only limited your imgination of the future of the world citizens living in harmony (Imagine the world under 30 would live in the future not the world you used to live in)

*If you're investing in EOS then use Steemit and have a play around and you can imagine EOS's future. ( 27X in one year, my heart tells me)

*If you're investing in ADA then use Ethereum and watch Steve jobs interviews then you'll see Charles Hoskinson is the next Steve Jobs. ( 33X in one year, my heart tells me)

****************Follow your own heart and Make your own Decision**********************************


Dear sir @nathanmars . thanks for sharing a good post about bitcoin blockchain.. We know that bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system.. We can earn money there.. Happy steemting sir. It's really a good platform and explore the community . Best of luck.

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