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In my previous article on Mozo, I described what Mozo is, its goal and mission, and how it intends to achieve its goal. Today, I wish to talk briefly about why Mozo token is worth your investment.

What is Mozo Token?
Mozo Token is an Ethereum-based utility cryptocurrency originally generated by Mozo, the Number One promoter of foot traffic to physical retail markets/venue across the globe. The token was generated purposely to serve as the currency that will be used to power Mozo loyalty reward system.

This means that, Mozo token will be the only currency that will be used by Mozo accredited store/malls across the globe to reward customers who make frequent visit to their stores/malls or who purchase products tag with Mozo stickers from Mozo accredited shops.

Value Proposition of Mozo token
According to Mozo, the token is expected to become the digital platform that will give physical retail malls the opportunity to thrive side by side with online commerce. Therefore, through mozo loyalty reward system, physical retail shops/malls can now increase both foot traffic and sales without spending much money on advertisement.


Here are 4 takeaways why Mozo token is worth your investment
1. Mozo token powers Mozo loyalty reward system to supports value based international physical retail businesses to increase foot traffic and sales without spending money on advertisement.

Currently, Mozo has been proven to improve foot traffic to physical retails business in the Asia-Pacific by 20%. This only means that customers are increasingly becoming highly interested in accumulating Mozo token, because of its value/utility in Mozo loyalty reward system.

2. Mozo token increases mall valuation up to $16 Billion

Mozo loyalty reward system has also been proven to add significant value to Mozo accredited malls/stores across the globe.

3. Mozo token helps international value based physical retail businesses to earn up to $14 Billion in extra revenue

Via Mozo loyalty reward system, Mozo accredited physical retail business in the Asia-Pacific have be observed to experience tremendous increase in sale.

4. Mozo token powers Mozo loyalty reward system to improve the globe loyalty market value up to $12 Billion

Mozo token has currently revolutionized traditional loyalty reward systems adopted by physical retail businesses across the globe. The effectiveness of Mozo loyalty reward system has proven to significantly increase globe loyalty market value.

Button Line
The Button line is, investing in Mozo token simply means you are investing in a project that aims to support international value based physical retail businesses thrive alongside online retail businesses.

Currently, Mozo’s vision is to Sign Up 300.000 stores onto its loyalty reward system by 2021. In order to perform effectively with this increasing enrollment, Mozo wishes to improve its software capacity by integrating it with a new digital wallet that runs on the Ethereum blockchain technology. To achieve this goal, Mozo is currently issuing Mozo token to all prospective investors interested in its project at its token generation event, so as to raise funds needed for the successful execution of its vision.

Good News
Mozo token generation is currently on going at Mozo token sales and it is expected to end on the 30th of July, 2018. To participate in Mozo token generation event and contribute generously in support of its vision,
1.Kindly click Mozo token sales
2.Click on the “Buy Mozo token buttom”
3.Carefully follow the instructions to make a successful purchase.
4.Click here for more information about How to buy Mozo Token during ICO if you find step 3 confusing.

Please note that a total of a total of 1.25 Billion token has been allocated for both Mozo pre-sales and main sales. According to Mozo, the total fundraising goal for the Project Mozo is US$88 Million. This has been carefully divided into two separate token sale tranches as shown in the images below.


For detail information about Mozo Project and its token sale, kindly visit the official links provided below.

Mozo Website

How to buy Mozo Token during ICO

Mozo Whitepaper

Mozo Twitter

Mozo Facebook

Mozo Telegram


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