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The Media Industry has seen a significant growth over the years with several developments in each of its sectors whether in the music, photo and video. This significant growth could be due to several reasons which could be either the major stake holders of the entertainment industry have put in strategic mechanisms to ensure that the industry grows at this steady pace. Another way that you can also see it is that, the attitude of people towards entertainment has change in several ways. Most people now show great interest in entertainment activities such as musical concerts and visiting of cinemas just to entertain themselves. The level of interests gets to the moon when it comes to the photography to the extent that some people are labelled picture addicts because they love to take a picture of every event.

Due to this significant growth several platforms have been developed to help creators of digital works to reach out to all their customers all over the world in order to generate the maximum amount of funds form their works. This is hand of help from these advertising and distribution agencies is good thing don’t you think? Well your answer is as good as mine YEAH but is so unfortunate that these platforms tend to manipulate and dictate the terms of agreement concerning the products of creators.

Don’t be surprised because that is what is going on currently but the good news is about the fact Wemark proposes to establish a decentralized trading platform for Digital Works.


Selling of Authorship Title

This is one of the unbearable situations that digital creators have to go through at some point in time in their career and it is very unfortunate that they cannot really do anything about it. Some distribution and advertising platforms sometimes dictate the terms and agreements of the license rights of the work which have been created by musicians and photographers. The loss of authorship by digital creators as a result of this bully does not make digital creators feel full ownership of their own work and this goes a long way to affect their self-esteem in the industry. Anybody who displays something as a result of his talent would want the world to recognize, appreciated and feel ownership of whatever he/she has been able to do but this is not so in the case of the media industry.

Advertising and Distribution Agencies taking Lions Share

By selling license rights of creative works to these agencies they now have the power to call the terms within which contracts are signed. If men were angels there would be no need for setting laws is a wise saying that we say to display the greed of men and this can be seen when agencies dictate the terms of contract to suit them in order to get the bigger portion of funds generated from the work of creators. I am sure you can imagine how are various artists, photographers, actors and actresses are really going through behind the scenes even though we see them to be enjoying life on the outside.


Wemark’s Decentralized form of Distribution

The Blockchain technology has seen great acceptance and recommendation by several people because of how it has been designed. The blockchain technology is very secured with a blockchain ledger system that stores every bit of information that is stored on the blockchain technology in a very organized way for quick future reference.
This form of distribution as proposed by Wemark would give ownership of digital works back to their creators for them to state out clearly the terms within the licensing rights and terms. Digital creators would now have the sense of peace and ownership to their work and their contribution to the media.

Referral Rewards Systems

The decentralized nature of the Wemark Platform would get help connect fnas and their digital creators which would help build a strong relationship between creators and fans. As a form of strengthening the relationship Wemark Platform would offer members an opportunity to earn for themselves the native token (WMK) for assisting in the distribution of products of creators all over the world. The form of incentive would go a very long way to increase the activeness of members on the Wemark platform.

Benefits of Wemark Protocol

The middle man now in the distribution of sales of digital content now is the Wemark Protocol which would take into consideration the Licensing activities, Payment methods, Distribution of Revenue and Storage of Digital contents.
By having license to their work digital creators can negotiate with distribution agencies about the terms of agreement with respect to their work. In terms of payment and other fund related issues distribution agencies would not have the right to make any changes to these terms of agreement with that the consent of the creators. So with Wemark Protocol digital creators are giving the power over decisions concerning their products.

This would be ensured by the development of the the Wemark Protocol which is developed based on the blockchain ledger system, an incorruptible storage platform.

The Smart Contract Payment System

The blockchain technology and the Smart Contract payment method are two technologies that usually go hand in hand. The Smart Contract mode of payment system will be inculcated into the Wemark Protocol to ensure that both parties get their required amount of funds that they are supposed to earn from the funds that are going to be generated from the sales of work. The required amount which each party would receive would all be stated in the terms of agreement done earlier to ensure a fair distribution system.
Please refer to the whitepaper for more information about some benefits and packages that Wemark have for Photographers.




Steering this project is a group of hardworking and dedicated team that have made the relevant research into this project and have the full confidence in establishing this platform for the benefits of digital creators. Partake in this project by investing into it massively. Below are some of the team members, to get to know them all please visit their website or refer to the whitepaper.
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For more information about this project please follow up on the contacts below:

Website: http://wemark.com/

Whitepaper: https://wemark.com/whitepaper/

Telegram: https://t.me/wemark

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_wemark

Medium: https://medium.com/wemark-stories

Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253.0


Bitcointalk username: Aponkye1

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Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

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Great article partner. The wemark distibution platform which is based on blockchain technology would really help digital creators a lot.

Digital creators who join the Wemark Platform will be able to earn major part of the income generated from their work. Great job development team

It is high time photographers and other creators of digital work own full rights to their works and i believe the Wemark platform will help in establishing that.

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