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Many have been the speculations about the shift to the use of digital methods in making payment for transactions but this had never been given any thought until the blockchain technology was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. After the generation of Bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrencies other developers and cryptographers noted the set backs and flaws of the bitcoin network. Other blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Litecoin were developed to make cryptocurrency transactions very faster since bitcoin network could only conduct only seven transactions in a second. Among these blockchain networks is the popular Ethereum network which has become very popular in the crypto community.

The Ethereum network has been admired by many cryptographers due to its unique blockchain network that allows other cryptocurrencies to be minted on it and also the use of smart contract to execute commands and transactions. Many ERC 20 compatible tokens have been generated along the Ethereum blockchain due to the launch of the numerous ICOs that have sprung up. Currently there are over thousands of ERC 20 Tokens on the Ethereum network and many more are being generated unto the network to be used a utility token and security token for the project they are being generated for.

The increase in number of cryptocurrencies especially ERC20 compatible ones have also resulted into the developing of different exchange platforms all across the cryptospace. The crypto community is growing rapidly and most crypto noobs find it quite difficult to interact on these platforms. Furthermore, trading on some exchange platforms consumes time and also does not come with a basic graphic user interface which would allow all people with different experience interact on the platform.

The Platform of Ethershift tries to reduce the hustle that users go through during the exchange of cryptocurrencies by visiting exchange platforms and engaging in trading activities. Ethershift platform allows Ethereum based tokens to be exchanged for one another in a very easy and simple way. Users who wish to exchange tokens would make an initial deposit to an address which would contain information regarding the tokens the user wants in return. The system upon accepting the order calculates the number of tokens that are to be sent back with respect to the current exchange rate. This method of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another is very simple and also saves users the long hours that most crypto enthusiasts spend on exchange platforms in order to conduct their trading activities.


The Ethershift platform has been provided with certain key features that would enable users trade ERC20 compatible tokens in a very fast way. Below are details of some of the features:

To make interacting on Ethershift platform very easy the system automatically lists all tokens that are ERC20 compatible so that users can select from among the displayed tokens which they want to exchange their own tokens with. This system actually saves users the time of searching for other compatible ERC20 Tokens that have been generated into the cryptospace. Furthermore, in situations where some of the tokes which was sent by the user are not exchanged they are returned from their hot wallets and the profit generated are also sent to the users address.

The safety of funds has always been one of the topmost priorities of any cryptocurrency investors because the level of security on most platforms have been compromised resulting in the loss of huge amount of monies. Not long ago Coinrail was reported to have been hacked over $400, 000 US worth of tokens and some exchange platforms have also closed down due to the security breaches on their platform.

Ethershift secures its platform with the Fast Identity Online mechanisms such as a Two-Factor Authentication which would serve as additional security to protect the accounts of users from the access of any third-party systems. The platform would undergo a regular and constant update to increase its security level and user interface from time to time.


The ethershift Tokens is the native token on the Ethershift platfom and the Presale is still ongoing. You can check the progress of the sales and success of the private sales from the image below and follow up on it with this link.
Token holders would benefit from an airdrop of 50% of all gross fees generated by the platform through the various transactions be done on the platform.
token sales.png


The team has tactically outlined the development of the Ethershift project in the image below:


This projected is supported by a group of hardworking individuals who are very skillful and experienced in their various fields of discipline. Below are some of the members of the team members please refer to the website or whitepaper to get more information about the entire team members. You can also follow up on their social platforms to get to know their authenticity with regards to this project.

Connect with the team on following contact lines






Bitcointalk thread:


Bitcointalk Username: Aponkye1

My Bitcointalk profile link is;u=2216761

Ethereum wallet address: 0xE8a1Fd47FE7CD8CF4E443FFC69AE57Ab03F34e24


Hey @nanaboateng Great project by all standards and i think they can even link up some sort of partnership with the team of the Ethereum blockchain to further explore possibilities on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently ERC20 Tokens are many in the cryptospace and so such a platform would make transactions among them very easy. Great job team

Hey Ikkelins, thanks for the review of this project and anyway i do agree with you on the partnership with the team members of the Ethereum project. Let's see what the team makes of it. The Ethereum blockchain actually makes it very simple to generate tokens and that is why so many projects are running on their platform.

And hey @nanaboateng one more thing how fast is transaction on this platform going to be. Most ICOs would promise platforms with high speed but upon launching of the project you just realize that the platform is not able to conduct huge number of transactions at a time. In a world where so many cryptocurrencies are being generated we really need a platform that can operate at a very high speed to avoid any blockchain stampede during transactions.

There are so many platforms out there due to the numerous ICOs that is stemming out of the crypto community. I hope this platform is well secured to prevent any form of hacking. The crypto community is full of hackers who are trying to find a way to get into the account of yours.

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