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Listening to baroque and classicals from Antonio Vivaldi is something I do frequently during my leisure times. Whiles listening to such soft music I read romantic novels to get more knowledge about how to love someone and make them feel special even if they don’t feel that way about themselves. Watching of movies on weekends is also something I know I share with several people all over the world. Writing, Music and Videos are several ways through which people communicate with the world through their content and this has always been appreciated by the entire world. Content writers are all over the world and most of them interact with their consumers on several platforms. These platforms serve to give creators large public outreach and it was believed initially to be a good offer but it seems

People who make content in several forms deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and most of these platforms have a reward system where creators of content are rewarded for their contribution to the content industry. The unfortunate thing that has been happening on these platforms is that their reward systems favour the platform to such a great content other than the creators themselves. How fair is it to put effort in a work only to just get a chunk of the rewards whiles the lion’s share is being kept by these content platforms.

This attitude being meted out to content creators have affected the quality of content creation on some platforms because creators don’t actually want to put in much effort and research in the creation of their content because at the end of the day they only earn a meager amount of funds on some platforms.

Developing such a platform is also not an easy task and it involves huge amount of money which not all creators can afford to pay. The few ones that have been able to create their own private platform to advertise their products over there are also facing problems of low consumers. This has reduced the interest of other upcoming and potential content creators who could have also added their rich contribution to the industry. All these talents are being shoved into the dark because of the way content creators are being treated on most platforms.


Content Protocol is the new platform that is going to reward not only creators but also consumers in a very handsome way for their contribution to the content industry. Content Protocol adopts one of the newest products of technology to create an ecosystem which would reward both creators and consumers for their effort on the Content Protocol Platform. The blockchain technology has captured the attention of the entire crypto community and most people are bent on exploring its uses. Security, Transparency and Decentralization are some of the hallmarks of the blockchain technology which was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The full function of the Content Ecosystem depends on the independent contributions of parties within the Ecosystem and these are the Consumers and Content Providers. The Consumers would be responsible for making available content to the consuming platforms the content that they may have access to. By reviewing these contents and making suggestions on such content the providers on the platform would be much more informed about the information in order to put it to other uses. To ensure that the information submitted by the consumers are right within the Content Protocol Ecosystem is the Review Aggregator Platform which would evaluate the submitted information before making it available for Content Providers.

Whiles the consumers are being rewarded for making available such vital information to the platform the content providers would also get their rewards by license fees paid by the platforms to them.
The Content Protocol has been designed to reward almost everybody on the platform through it different types of compensation plan. Some content platforms like Medium, Steemit etc. are well known writing content platforms because of the immense contribution of some members on the platform. In this same manner, users who help on the Review Aggregator platform in evaluating information submitted on the platform so that other users can make prudent decisions would be rewarded for their efforts.

The Content Protocol System also rewards users for consuming content on their platform and also contributing to the refining of information through the recommendations that they also make on some content. Just like Google PlayStore allows android members to review the performance of applications on their platforms so that other users can also decide whether to download the applications or not Content Protocol has inculcated such a feature to allow users rate the submitted content of other users.

The benefit that users of Content Ecosystem gain over google platform users is that google does not pay its members for their reviews and recommendations. This is not with only google platform but with major traditional platforms and this is where Content Protocol Platform comes in to save the situation so that both consumers and creators can be rewarded for their contribution to the Content Protocol platform.


To make payment system very transparent the Content Protocol uses the smart contract technology to issue out all payments based on two payment methods. The payment methods used are Pay Per View (PPV) and the Subscription Model. The Pay Per View model is applied as users consume data on the platform and this is paid in cryptocurrency. With users being charged cryptocurrencies as payment the smart contract has also been built with all the necessary terms agreed by both parties so that the required payment can be made whiles users consume content on the platform.

Just like we subscribe to some television channels like the DSTV and other channels to get access to premium content on the platform and most of the times these subscriptions are based on a specific period of time. The Content Protocol system also allows users to subscribe and enjoy the access of premium content for a period of time. Please visit the website or whitepaper to get more information about the payment system of the Content Protocol system.

Furthermore, the platform also makes available to its members a cryptocurrency wallet through which users can receive payment for their contribution to the platform and also make payments for content they also consume. Users who seek to increase their reputation on the platform can also convert their earned CPT to CP power on this same wallet.


Visit their website, register adn pass the KYC with the use of the Bittery application and participate in the ongoing international public sale which has seen great success.



Every platform or ecosystem within the cryptospace has a native cryptocurrency with which it operates it’s activities and in this same manner CPT is the cryptocurrency with which the platform would use to reward and make payment for fees of subscriptions and other things. CPT tokens can also be converted to CP power on a one-to-one ratio system to increase the reputation of a user on the Content Protocol Ecosystem.


The Content Protocol Platform provides each and every member with a unique dashboard which has a very basic user interface for the average crypto noob or computer literate to interact on with the slightest difficult. Users can access information the platform directly from their dashboard hence there is no stress to be searching through long database systems for information. Below is an image of the dashboard and it has been designed to allow members have easy access to content on the platform.



For more information about this project please follow up on the contact lines below:






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This is indeed the revolution to the world of content creators. Finally, a platform that will provide the solution to writers problems in terms of where to publish their works.

Well written article. If this project will provide all that are stated in this article, then this platform is going to transform how people publish their works online..

This seems very promising as it intends to reward both creators and consumers for their effort on the platform. This is first of a kind and deserves much attention.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us!

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