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Taking of pictures has now become the other of the day that it is of no surprise that to see people take pictures everywhere they find themselves. Taking of selfies on the other hand has spread through the world like a virus and almost everybody at an even wants to take a selfie and upload it unto his/her social platform.
Well I am also a fan of taking pictures myself but I guess most of us do it for the fun of it and to preserver memories of glorious moments that occurred in our lives. Nevertheless, taking of pictures generates so much income that some individuals have taken it upon themselves as their professional jobs and making the art of photography stand out so that people can appreciate it in another dimension.

These photographers work with advertising companies that have a well-established platform to help photographers distribute the products of these photographers. A good intention from these advertising companies have turned out to be a bad one because of how these photographers are being treated. However, Wemark is a platform that would help distribute the products of photographers on a better and flexible terms.


Wemark’s platform is based on the blockchain technology which offers transparency in terms of any agreement terms that are written unto the system. By using the blockchain system on the wemark protocol photographers would have their required quota of income that is generated from the sales of their products. To make this happen the Wemark Protocol would rather pay photographers by the use of Wemark Tokens (WMK). This system would also ensure that the license rights of products are not altered by distribution agencies without the consent of photographers.

By ensuring that everything related to the sales of product is under full transparency, photographers would be able to receive majority of the funds that are generated from their products. This system would serve to provide a better revenue system than the previous system where distribution and advertising agencies took majority of the income generated.

Furthermore, users would have the right of ownership to their products and would have the majority power to make all the necessary decisions about their products in terms of its licensing pricing. The Wemark protocol is designed to give back to photographers for their hardworking effort in coming out with their products. Products of the digital world are take quite an effort to come out with so it would be very uncomfortable to make such a piece of work only to be owned by some agency just because they have a big platform to help in the distribution of your work.

Many are the benefits and packages that Wemark offers but all cannot be contained in this piece of writing. Please refer to the whitepaper for more information about this project and get to know how the Wemark Protocol and the benefits that it offers photographers.




The team behind this project is a hardworking and dedicated team which have in-depth knowledge in their professional careers and would therefore put things in place to make sure that the Wemark Protocol really becomes a successful one. Below are some of the team members, please refer to the website or whitepaper to get more information about the team members and you can follow up on the team members on their various social platforms to certify their authenticity with regards to this project.

Please connect with the team of this project on the following lines for more information:







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Wemark will indeed give back to digital creators for their hardwork that they put in to come out with their finish products by granting them the full authorhip of their products.

Thanks for your comments buddy.

Great! this platform would really help we the photographers have a very transparent system between our advertizing agencies because we have been cheated for quite a long time. Great job team

Yeah sure and the hallmark of WeMark. Transparency!!!!

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