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As the trend of online shopping increases gradually in the 21st century, most physical malls/shops across the globe are faced with the challenge of conserving/attracting customers to their shops/malls.

The result of this preys significantly on the general sales outcomes of most physical shops and increases cost associated with customer acquisition via advertisement.

In order for Physical retail shops/malls to effectively promote/increase sales in Physical shops/malls without paying huge fees for advertisement, there is the need for them to adopt a more effective loyalty reward system that meets the needs of customers.

In response to this challenge, Mozo, the Number One Player in offline blockchain technology for physical retail markets, emerges with the most attractive, effective and efficient loyalty reward system intended to increase both foot traffic and sales to physical retail shops/mall across the globe.

Unlike all other existing ineffective loyalty reward systems used by most physical retail shops to only attract customers to their shops in order to increase sale, Mozo loyalty reward system is extraordinary in nature. How?

  1. Mozo loyalty reward program is cross merchant, global and convenient in nature.
  2. Mozo loyalty reward program increases foot traffic to Shops/Stores/Malls by 20%+
  3. Mozo loyalty reward program helps physical stores/malls to reduce cost associated with customer acquisition via advertisement.
  4. Mozo loyalty reward program improves customer lifetime value
  5. Reduces churn rate
  6. Increases repeat purchase rates


How Mozo loyalty reward system works

Mozo loyalty reward system operates under a business model called “Token of Discovery” in a user-friendly market place/ecosystem that optimizes both physical retail shops/malls (Merchants) and customers.

In order to join Mozo ecosystem, Merchants and venue operators have to sign up with Mozo via its Official website. After registering with Mozo, each client will receive certain amount of Mozo token via their Mozo retailers App, together with Mozo custom-made Beacon and Sticker sensors free of charge.

The Mozo retailers App, give Merchants the chance to upload price or inventory information of products tagged with Mozo Beacon or Stickers in their shops. The App also helps Merchants to determine how many token a particular customer deserves per purchase or visit to the shop.

In order to be rewarded as a customer in a Mozo Adopted shop, customers must have Mozo Customer App on their phone. This App will help customers to

  1. Get free sign up Mozo token upon registration,
  2. Determine detail information of any product tagged with Mozo Sticker in that particular Mozo adopted shop.
  3. Aside this, the App can also be used to collect and redeem Mozo loyalty reward tokens from any Mozo adopted shops in the form of discounts or cash out on products purchased or converted into reference currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This free token giveaway is intends to provide both Merchants and customers the opportunity to test the effectiveness of Mozo loyalty reward system before they commit to regular use of it.

Utility of Mozo Token
Mozo token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency intended to power all transactions across all Mozo Adopted Merchants across the globe.
It is basically generated to reward loyal customers who (1) make frequent visits or purchase goods/services from Mozo accredited Shops across the globe.
Mozo tokens earned by customers can be used redeemed at Mozo Redemption Market place. Redeemed token can therefore be used by customers as

  1. Discount to certain products purchased from Mozo accredited shop
  2. Cash out on product purchase in Shops that trade in Mozo coins
  3. Can be converted into either Bitcoin or Ethereum or exchange for fiat currency.
    However, in other to successfully redeem an accumulated Mozo token from its loyalty reward program, customers are required to have sufficient amount of Mozo token in their wallet to make the transaction successful.

Apparently, Mozo has registered a total of 38,000 store. All these store have tested Mozo application and testified sincerely to its effectiveness in increasing both foot traffic and sales. As such, are wholly committed to deploying Mozo vision and adopting its application for regular uses.
Mozo vision is to register a total of 300,000 store onto its ecosystem by 2021. As such, in order to effectively manage the expected sign up capacity and transactions associated with this capacity, Mozo, intends to leverage Ethereum blockchain technology to ensure it is fully functional to its expectation regardless its global expansion.

In order to achieve its objectives of running effectively on the global Ethereum network, Mozo is currently issuing Mozo token to all prospective investors/angels interested in its project at it crowed sales, so as to raise enough funds need to successfully

  1. Integrate its software with new digital wallet that runs on Ethereum blockchain test bed
  2. Integrate its software with the Ethereum network
  3. Apply Machine learning and AI techniques plus integration with SOLO


Good News
Mozo Token sales is currently ongoing at Mozo token sales and it is expected to end on the 30th of July, 2018.
To participate in Mozo token generation event and contribute generously in support of its vision,

  1. Kindly click Mozo token sales
  2. Click on the “Buy Mozo token buttom”
  3. Carefully follow the instructions to make a successful purchase.
  4. Click here for more information about How to buy Mozo Token during ICO if you find step 3 confusing.

For customers and retailers who wish to purchase Mozo token after its token generation event, please be informed that Mozo token will be made available to all individuals and cooperate organization or purchase and sell at designated token exchanges after ICO. Purchase of Mozo token can be made with either payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum or US dollars at the prevailing rate at these exchanges.

For detail information about Mozo Project and its token sale, kindly visit the official links provided below.

Mozo Website
How to buy Mozo Token during ICO
Mozo Whitepaper
Mozo Twitter
Mozo Facebook
Mozo Telegram

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