Interview with blockchain architect George Spasov

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Last week we interviewed Nick Todorov, one of the founders of Limechain and our blockchain consultant. This week we meet his counterpart, co-founder and Limechain CDO, George Spasov who works with us as a blockchain architect. The Mycro blockchain is a crucial part of our project, and it is vital to us that our blockchain is as fit for purpose as possible. So, without further ado, meet George Spasov.

A blockchain architect’s background

“I’ve been a software developer for more than 10 years now,” George tells me, “Similarly to Nick, I’ve been part of both startups and corporations which helped me a lot in understanding the needs of different businesses.” For the past two years, George has been working hard to advance within the Ethereum community. He was lucky enough to have a life-changing opportunity at the ConsenSys Developers Academy and was one of the top performers among all of the participants.

“Except for leading the team at LimeChain,” George says, “at the moment I’m highly focused on building and nurturing the Blockchain communities in Bulgaria and Europe.” Leading the team at Limechain is no small feat, the growth they have seen recently has been exceptional. Expanding and encouraging the mass adoption of blockchain technologies is vital for the growth of companies like Mycro. We are proud to have someone doing the work George is doing, on the team.

Designing the Mycro Blockchain

“I am excited to be working with Mycro on developing the Blockchain infrastructure of the platform,” he beams, “what this means is that I am responsible for having a well-designed backbone of the Blockchain part of the platform.” While this doesn’t mean that George works on the development himself, he does set the groundwork for it and leads the team to the successful development of the solution. “I work on the overall design and functionality of the blockchain,” George explains, “I ensure we deliver the correct results and that they suit the needs of the users.”

“I am personally always fascinated by projects that work smart and provide users with an intuitive experience,” he says, “on the Mycro dApp, posting a job and applying for it can happen in a matter of minutes.” George recognises that our application can save time for both sides and allow the worker more time to complete the required work. As the founder of a company, George’s free time can be limited. This means having the ability to complete a short, mundane task in a fast and straightforward way, so that someone else can go shopping for George, invariably leaves him with more free time.

As the interview winds down, George has some very positive words to end on; “I find Blockchain to be inarguably valuable for the project,” he says, “it eliminates the middleman within the process; hence it significantly lowers the job fees.”

George is a vital member of the team, having someone with a clear vision shaping the future of our blockchain is invaluable to us. Mycro is working hard to level the playing field within the gig economy. Are you excited to use our application to take control of your time and money? Head to the social media links below and let us know!

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