⭐️MCC Token MEGA Event⭐️

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MCC Token MEGA Event

Do not miss out this great opportunity to experience the MCC Seed Networking (formerly known as Daily Air Drop, DAD)

Starting Sep 10, we are holding an event for 10 days

※ Due date for the event is based on KYC completion date



1. How to participate?

  • KYC incomplete users: Automatically entitled to join the event if KYC is passed within the period.
  • KYC complete users: Submit a link address after sharing events at community, blog and social media channels.
    (Only one participation per channel is allowed /Redundant participation via different channels is available/Only one participation per day)
    Application Foam : http://bit.ly/Application_Form_en
    ->Reference : http://bit.ly/event_reference_facebook_en

2. KYC is too difficult!

  • It is very easy if you follow the instruction from the link below.
    ※ FYI
    As of now, KYC procedure is managed by a global KYC agency.
    You must be on the PC Chrome browser when processing KYC.
    Photo must be in an original form.

3. How to calculate the number of rewards token?

  • 20,000 MCC tokens per day, but the reward tokens will be paid according to the number of participants who join the event
    • 1 participant per day 20,000 MCC tokens per person
    • 10 participants per day 2,000 MCC tokens per person
    • 100 participants per day 200 MCC tokens per person

4. Seeds Networking (D.A.D Daily Air Drop)?

  • Every individual within the MCC ecosystem is given three seeds at UTC 00:00. They can be given to anyone in and out the MCC network. Seeds can be given to anyone in phone address book, via social network. The seeds are to give and build relationship.

※ More information : http://bit.ly/seednetworking_en

5. When all the reward tokens will be distributed?

  • All tokens will be distributed by October.

6. Where can we check winner?

  • The winners will be announced on the next day via Facebook and Telegram

7. How to process KYC at the MCC Homepage?

  • After signing up, KYC button will be appeared at the bottom of My page.

  • Once you have completed KYC, the top of the My page will be shown as the picture below.

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For more details, please ask to the official telegram chat or E-mail

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