MCC Token Distribution and Registration

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Hello MCC participants,

Please refer to the following information if you are not familiar with how to use MEW(MyEtherWallet) and how to register MCC tokens on Metamask.

MCC tokens will be distributed first to those who had participated in the MCC token sale. Those who had participated in MCC bounty events will receive their tokens sometime in October. Further information will be announced via our official channels. (Website, Facebook and Telegram)

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please feel free to reach.

Email: [email protected]

To add a custom token, the following information is required: contract address, token symbol and token decimals. The required information for MCC token are as follows.

  1. Contract : 0xb2a2a66d2a813ac32b940c406f14a06b390d442a
  2. Token Symbol : MCC
  3. Decimals : 18

You can add MCC as a custom token before or after you received the token. If you have participated in the sale, please add MCC as a custom token. The below will provide you a general idea of how to use MyEtherWallet and Metamask.

How to add a custom token


Step 1. Sign in to your MEW account and click “ADD Custom Token!” (Bottom left)


Step 2. Please fill out the forms with the above information and click “Save!”


Step 3. Make sure MCC is added as a custom token.



Step 1. Sign in to your wallet account and click the menu button. (Top right)


Step 2. Click “Add Token!”


Step 3. Click “Custom Token!”


Step 4. Please provide the MCC Contract Address! The Symbol and Decimals of MCC will be filled automatically.


Step 5. Make sure MCC is added as a custom token.


If you have any questions or troubles regarding the token distribution procedure, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Email: [email protected]

We are truly grateful for your resources and trust placed in MyCreditChain. Please feel free to reach us at any time. We will provide you the best services and replies supported by facts and expertise.

Thank you.

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