participate in the '2018 Hankyung ICO Conference

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마이크레딧체인 한경 ICO 컨퍼런스참가, 14일 서울 한국경제신문빌딩에서 열려

MyCreditChain is going to participate in the '2018 Hankyung ICO Conference - from ICO Participation to Cryptographic Transaction' held at the Korea Economic Daily building in Seoul on 14th May.

마이크레딧체인은 가상화폐(암호화폐)와 ICO 관련 정보를 찾는 업계와 투자자들을 위해 오는 14일 서울 한국경제신문빌딩에서 개최되는 ‘2018 한경 ICO 컨퍼런스 – ICO 참가부터 암호화폐 거래까지’에 참가한다.

마이크레딧체인 양재봉 대표는 암호화폐 비즈니스모델 사례Ⅰ. 블록체인 기반 개인신용평가 모델을 주제로 강연을 한다.


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MyCreditChain(MCC) is a blockchain platform for personal credit information. The MyCreditChain platform enables the creation of new relationships based on user’s financial activities. MyCreditChain aims to bring major innovation in credit information, enabling a person’s credit data to become an asset itself. MyCreditChain plans to bring the ownership of credit data back to the people, so individuals can have a full control over their own information. MyCreditChain aims to build a more equal society.

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