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Blockchain Expo London 2018

We attended the Blockchain Expo in London on 18 and 19 April, and it was amazing experience.


We were in booth #111.


The event attracted over 6,000 dedicated blockchain enthusiasts, bringing together industry leaders for two days of world-class content. The Blockchain Expo is the world’s largest blockchain conference in which various ICOs and people share their thoughts how their services and products can disrupt the existing industries with new technology.

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Throughout the exhibitions, we were able to interact with different people and various ICOs, telling them how MyCreditChain plans to bring the ownership of data back to individuals and how the company can provide credit to those who do not have access to CB network.

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Our team members were expected to describe the project, from general ideas to technical references. Almost every attendee who came by our booth was fascinated by MyCreditChain’s concepts and complemented on its vision because there are not may ICOs that are as much ambitious as we are.


The fact that MyCreditChain, unlike most of other ICOs, is currently providing credit rating services and data scrapping technologies to two majors banks and one insurance company in South Korea had raised people’s attention greatly. People shared their concerns that the current ICO market is facing tough circumstances and they preferred a company supported by and ready to carry out its vision.


Also, we were able to build firm networks for future partnership. MyCreditChain signed a MoU with the company called IAME Identity, which aims to build a decentralized identification system for the blockchain ecosystem.


Thank you for your attention.


MyCreditChain(MCC) is a blockchain platform for personal credit information. The MyCreditChain platform enables the creation of new relationships based on user’s financial activities. MyCreditChain aims to bring major innovation in credit information, enabling a person’s credit data to become an asset itself. MyCreditChain plans to bring the ownership of credit data back to the people, so individuals can have a full control over their own information. MyCreditChain aims to build a more equal society.


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