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It sounds rather strange, but people love collecting things, it’s a natural urge we all get. Some say it’s a trait we’ve inherited which goes all the way back to our early human days as hunters and gatherers. For our ancestors, collecting food during the summer was a necessary practice in order to feel safe and secure during the winter.

Although times have changed, people still love to collect many different objects that are of interest to them. Things such as baseball cards, stamps, bottle caps, toy cars, marbles, shells, magazines, action figures, Pokémon cards, sport memorabilia, to things as extravagant as watches, motorbikes, jewellery, cars, the list goes on and on.

Some would call it a casual hobby while others would say it’s their passion in life. We all enjoy collecting in one way or another, it has a different meaning to each of us. Collecting can be quite a personal thing, it’s something we all enjoy but go about in our own ways and do so for different reasons. Have you ever asked yourself why people collect things?

There are many reasons why people enjoy collect things.
Thrill of the hunt – The quest of locating and acquiring things that are of interest to them.
Nostalgia - it brings people back to the good memories of their past.
Community – it creates a sense of belonging to a community of likeminded people
Status – owning something that others don’t gives some a sense of power and pride.

Whatever it is that motivates people, I’m sure we can all relate and say we’ve gone through phases collecting a variety of different things that were of interest to us.

Personally, as a kid I collected things like marbles, bottle caps, rocks, foreign coins, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Yo cards. Some of my fondest childhood memories were trading my Pokémon cards with my friends at school or finding a bottle cap on the street that I didn’t have yet.

It might be difficult to wrap your head around, as physical things is what most of us remember collecting as a kid, but times are quickly changing.

Digital collectables

Although we’ve been living in a digital world for a long time, collectible items have been slow to come to the party because of the lacking technology available. Up until now, it has been impossible to truly authenticate digital commodities and because of this there was never a way to gain true ownership of a digital asset.

Before the blockchain most data transferred over the internet is a copy of the original or in other words fungible. As we’ve seen happen to other digitalised industries, even if you purchase a digital song or movie you become to owner of one of the millions of copies out there. Collectors have no interest in owning something that can be replicated.

Like traditional collectibles, the value of a digital collectible is in its ability to be distinguished, or unique. In order to do so, digital collectibles are created, identified, and transferred, as a unique token. They cannot be divided and represent one unique asset in its entirety. These are called non-fungible tokens or NFT’s. The cool thing about NFT’s is that there can only ever be one owner at one time allowing digital scarcity to now be possible.

The blockchain technology enables the transfer of these NFT’s to be traced, verified and recorded on an immutable ledger. This means that their creation, unique identifiers, and ownership is not only traceable, but also verifiable. This is important as it completely terminates the possibility of counterfeit goods, something that is a huge issue within the collectables industry.


One of the most notable digital collectables to date is Cryptokitties.
Having received an overwhelming amount of positive response, Cryptokitties is one of the first blockchain based digital collectable to achieve mainstream adoption.

Each kitten is made up of a combination of unique qualities (colour, breed, age, features etc.) that distinguish each one from another, meaning no two kitties are the same.

Since launching, users have spent over $25 million (45,000 ETH) acquiring and breeding these virtual kitties, with some of the most unique and rarest kittens already having been sold for over $100,000.


Gamedex is a Steam-like platform for blockchain-powered digital collectibles and digital collectible card games (DCCGs)

DCCGs are a multi-billion-dollar market and rapidly growing. Many of the world’s biggest gaming companies such as Pokémon, Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, Clash Royale, FIFA Ultimate Team are starting to, if not are already heavily involved into the industry of digital collectable card games (DCCGs)

Gamedex aims to simplify the future of DCCGs for both gamers and collectors by combining all these games along with their digital collectables into an all-in-one platform.

platform features:

Soon to be available on both desktops and smartphones, the Gamedex platform will operate as a wallet, exchange and game store, all in one.

Exchange - Users will be able to buy and sell digital collectibles against the GDX token on the Gamedex exchange, or trade directly with other collectors.

Virtual trading - The smart contract escrow system enables direct peer-to-peer trading to be 100% risk-free.

Digital wallet - Other digital assets are merely an entry in someone else’s database. The blockchain and digital wallet enable users to gain true ownership of their in-game assets, meaning collectables cannot be lost, regardless of where the cards are stored.

Game browser - lets users find and play a variety of different games (single player, one-on-one, massively multiplayer games) which use their collectibles. Many games will allow, or even require, players to put their cards or tokens on the line for a chance at tokens, prizes, and glory.

Ready to get involved?

Having already raised $800,000 in the private seed funding round led by Invictus Capital. Gamedex is soon to have a public token sale (ICO) and it’s something you can be a part of.

Invictus Capital CEO Daniel Schwartzkopff said digital assets were a $35-billion market last year while the cryptocurrency market neared $1 trillion. He expects the nascent non-currency crypto-collectibles market to reach $100 billion by 2022.

With the future of digital collectables looking so bright this is an opportunity you just simply can’t miss out on.

Pre-register today to be first in line to participate and play!

You can Pre-register for the token sale on their website – All of the information you need to invest, along with their white paper can be found here: GameDex
To stay updated join Gamedex on Telegram

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Best of luck everyone!

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Nice discussion post, and thanks for mentioning it on my cryptokitties post! I have also been a collector of many physical things for many years... Trading cards, records, sneakers, and now cryptokitties ;)

Collectibles and digital scarcity is something we've never had before. With digital files, there is no breakdown in quality of say audio recordings when sharing, whereas there would have been some quality loss in dubbing to a cassette tape in the past - a fact that made p2p file sharing incredibly attractive.

At the same time, owners of content (particularly music labels) were up in arms about this - how could they secure their content that they invested time/money to create and market? Only now are we starting to find ways to make something both digital AND scarce, which is huge! I don't say that because I'm in support of institutions walling off content (I'm an open-source guy), but it is a much bigger technological development than many acknowledge, and we are only barely scratching the surface so far. Digital collectibles and games are awesome, and are paving the way for much more serious uses of the tech - I'm thinking digitization of physical assets like real estate, vehicles, identities, etc... We are at the start of some very exciting times!

Gamedex looks like an interesting use case as well, curious to see how it goes. Is there any information about what the trading pair with GDX might be on exchanges?

Keep up the good work :)

Hey Kris thanks for the great feedback!
Yes, indeed. Thanks to the recent revolution of blockchain technology digital scarcity is a completely new concept that organisations are only just starting to get our head around, let alone having had a chance to reach mainstream adoption. It's super exciting, this industry is soon bound to be huge, its almost inevitable.
Gamedex certainly is a great concept being around this industry. Good question! I'm unsure of what the trading pair is to be on exchanges, im sure this is a working progress for them but I have a strong feeling GDX will be traded against ETH.

definitely try this new collectabiles game. MLB Crypto

Just resteemed! Great post.
I used to love collecting things as a kid growing up like baseball cards and tech decks lol.

Gamedex looks really interesting, and I’m definitely going to check it out!

Also, check out the newest collectibles game on the blockchain. MLB crypto allows for digital assets that are MLB collectibles! Check it out here.

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thank you my friend, much appreciated.

Ahhh wow, Cryptobaseball looks like a revolutionary platform too! Baseball cards have been a favorite to many collectors, especially in America. It doesn't surprise me that the blockchain is able to digitalise baseball cards, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Very Cool!

Thanks Brady

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