Power Up your KARMA (EOS token)

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You can now power up your KARMA tokens and earn more KARMA tokens (on EOS MainNet). If you were in the Genesis block, they airdropped KARMA tokens to EOS holders. They gave 9 KARMA tokens per each EOS. If you had 10 EOS on the Genesis block, you should have received 90 KARMA tokens.

You can use scatter and https://eostoolkit.io/karma to power up your KARMA tokens:


You’ll have to wait for 7 days to claim the reward. I tried powering up multiple times and eostoolkit displays the claimable date according to the last power up. It’s different from HorusPay’s staking system. When you stake HorusPay tokens, each stakes are individually managed and unstakable individually. There is also big difference in how rewards are payed. KARMA gives you reward in KARMA tokens, HorusPay rewards you with separate token (ECASH).

Here’s the transaction seen from bloks.io:


Where does the new KARMA come from? KARMA has annual inflation of 1% ~ 5% according to the white paper. 15% of this inflation will be distributed to the powered up token holders.