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It may sound trite, but the international is constantly converting, and the internet is taking on every element of our existence. The various old professions are disappearing; they are changed through new ones: eSports athlete, a streamer, a blogger and others. The games marketplace is dynamically growing, in addition to streaming services. In recent times a streamer is a complete-time job. In this, the resources of profits can be special: marketing, subscriptions, platform advertising and, of route, donation that represents a big component of a streamer's income. Normally gamers who broadcast game play at the net are known as streamers. Of path, the primary marketplace is games, but there are millions of folks that discover a target market for their creativity because of the internet and streaming. They’re musicians, athletes, writers, creators of ASMR, poets, and so forth. YouTube has a college of video bloggers. Human beings can publish motion pictures, broadcast video games and competitions, remark, sing, dance, prepare dinner and organize lectures. Its miles critical that many visitors are inclined to praise them for creating thrilling content. One of the viewers from the UAE with the alias «motar2k» has already paid numerous streamers $50,000. Some human beings assume that folks who make donations are bizarre, but thanks to them, we are able to nevertheless consider in people. In fact, donations are praise, gratitude to streamers for their paintings. Why do human beings assist a streamer? Because he is right at playing, he commentates on tournaments and championships interestingly and emotionally, he dances, sings, reads books, and occasionally due to his cheerfulness , best your creativeness, contemporary regulation and the platform policies limit the actions of streamers (it method that there are nearly no restrictions). The present gear for streamers allow for the usage of numerous mechanisms to raise budget and entice the target audience, however a majority of these mechanisms are separated. Each provider allows you to perform strictly defined transactions. Funds are acquired from different types of assets with exceptional hobby charges and policies of with drawl and garage of funds. As an end result, streamers need to create numerous debts in unique systems with diverse commissions. All this distracts the streamer from the main factor – creating content material. Even the audience, who would love to thank streamers, faces the problem of making deposits. A majority of these problems offer demanding situations of making a time-honoured monetary atmosphere for the net network. We need to create an infrastructure task so that it will simplify the manner of making content, interacting with visitors and monetary transactions and it becomes a necessary part of this market. The goal of this task is to make the lives of streamers, viewers and commercial enterprise less difficult with the assist of the new modern worldwide environment. In reality, we are transforming this segment of economy and taking it to a new level of improvement. Its possibilities are infinite. we will be capable of improve new stars in unique spheres with the help of our platform, due to the fact the main problem of proficient human beings is the shortage of cash for merchandising. We DO no longer construct every other web site for streaming; we do now not want to compete with Twitch or YouTube. Our assignment is a financial atmosphere, an instrument similarly to streaming web sites, so that it will simplify the life of streamers, will shop on commissions and will be a handy means of mutual settlements and interactive with visitors on already present sites.


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