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RedCab is a fast-moving industry with technical business models with good potentials in the field of transportation. Beginning from the technical section to the business model, their team of researchers spent about twelve months of research to get needs, find commercial loopholes and assess potential with good knowledge about client requirements and customer experience.


The organization was created in 2016 to bring about the peer-to-peer transportation solutions. The solutions involve resolving real issues through understanding the leading causes of drivers' and passengers' actual desires and give an inventive remedy controlled by customer transparency, efficiency as well as experience.
RedCab will give room for all to earn money base on temporary hire as integrated service providers working in peer-to-peer scale. For taxi companies, they have the chance to operate as an aggregated professional service provider.
RedCab business model was made to provide a lot of advantage to users as well as incomes to taxi companies and drivers via decentralizing the whole process.

The performance matrix and reward plan for drivers were executed to ensure that each rider gets the optimum quality regarding customer experience. Besides, a psychological factor implemented cleverly to manage the customer satisfaction section while processes are set up to assure the safety of both parties.

How it works

It is a decentralized transportation remedy for the mass by adopting the concept of blockchain technology for cost-efficient and safe transactions. Also, it will save billions of dollars from the transportation commission to be circulated back into the ecosystem, promoting sustainability and continuity if business through cutting edge technology, customer loyalty and performance management.

ICO Information

Token : REDC
PreICO Price : 1 ETH = 2,682 REDC
Price : 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : ETH
Minimum investment : 0.1 ETH
Hard cap : 24,529 ETH


From the short review and research I could see RedCab are in for a change. Blockchain has made a lot of impact on various sectors and they are bringing this to the transportation sector.

With this technology, I am confident the team are going to deliver on this project. With the research done and the level of effort put into it, the platform will sure be successful.

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