Come and let's talk - 1st Open Forum of 'Project Milkbox'

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  • Welcome again, Steemians, we have been working hard to structure the Project Milkbox and, now, we want to know your ideas and opinions, that's why we decided to start our first open forum in which everyone can participate. Let us know your doubts about the program, as well as your suggestions, everything is welcome!


  • Maybe you have doubts about the system, or maybe you are interested in knowing about the advertising and marketing that will play a very important role in the project, express it! All questions will be answered in detail in the next informative post.


  • As soon as we collect all your questions, doubts, opinions and suggestions, we will write a post where we will expose the most important ones with a response developed by the members of our team to bring you the most reliable and accurate information about the project.



well i do say this is a nice project, but i also find it hard to comprehend with the name "milkbox" as i all be thinking cow or little babies, but the truth is that any one can get lost, milk box project is a project to find your love ones, I'm sorry to intrude,but something like #project-dug or The project-tile the unbox project or project unbox can simply define a scenario where you are trying to uncover something or someone, with the name you do understand the concept of the project.
☺ ☺ i meant no harm you said suggestions, just mine own piece as i have been following the project since three weeks now.

and do suggest if the project could go far and wide with publicity to make people aware of it. @project-atlas is a better medium of hyping projects and taking it from one map to another.

thank you and i hope my suggestions helps.

People missing always show up on the side of milkbox cartons ;)

okay that make sense though...... all the same its really a good project.

creative people will have many ideas

or a piece of paper stapled to a telephone pole

lol true. best to put it there and send them to the blockchain ;)

And those boxes will never reach vegan communities!

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